TeamDynamix envisions that as Higher Ed spend in technology continues to rise, the demands on the IT departments will significantly increase. In order to accommodate this demand, schools will need to think differently. Having multiple IT departments across an entire university system, or community college network will become unwieldy and redundant. Over time, schools will notice a drain on resources and an inability to keep up – and will eventually begin to discuss the notion of shared resources and infrastructure.

Yet… nothing can create fear in an organization like the terms consolidation and centralization. Whether the fear is around loss of control, jobs, or both … the transformation from a decentralized, distributed environment to a more standardized and centralized can be bumpy to say the least. These fears however, can often be alleviated through thoughtful planning and supporting infrastructure.

For instance, there is room for localized nuances while still operating in a fully standardized and centralized environment. Hybrid staffing models can accommodate some local resources with a central pool supporting. The benefits of migrating in this direction cannot be disputed.

There is the most obvious cost savings – however, if that is the primary and only goal then the fears expressed in the initial stages will most definitely come to fruition. However, if the local requirements are well documented, the staffing model well contemplated and the underlying infrastructure can support the design then the improvements of service will be noticeable.

Consistency of service will manifest in improved customer satisfaction, expedited service, and the ability to gain resource capacity for expanded output as well as cost savings.

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