Students, faculty, and staff are more reliant on technology than ever before. Simply put, they don’t just want technology to work for them – they fully expect it.

As colleges and universities strive to keep up with a rapidly evolving technological landscape, many are struggling with resource constraints and lack of proper support systems.  The focus is now on IT organizational maturity.  To support the EdTech Explosion, service management, and project teams need to become nimbler, better equipped, and more transparent.

Are schools ready?

There is no doubt about it–Higher Ed IT professionals are strained, and the pressure continues to mount. According to the TeamDynamix 2016 Higher Ed IT Maturity Pulse Study, 59 percent of study participants self-rank at Level 1 or 2 (out of 5) in the maturity model. When looking beyond those rankings to understand the biggest challenges and roadblocks, 46 percent identified resource constraints as the top challenge and a lack of processes or controls as the top roadblock.

Higher Ed IT professionals are often faced with unique challenges. Each year hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of new users flood the campus, each toting a myriad of devices.

55 percent of the study respondents state that less than 10 percent of service requests can be fulfilled via a self- service portal. Only 11 percent are reporting a fulfillment rate of 50 percent or greater. Self-service portals rest on a foundation referred to as the Service Catalog. It is the primary interface between the customer and the service provider, and as such it can be extremely challenging to create one that is effective.

Focus on the Students

Jason Donnell, IT Analyst in the Department of IT Client Services at California State University – Chico, takes a moment to tell us how their client portal has enhanced the customer engagement process by providing a platform for back and forth communications on service tickets.


2016 Pulse Study Higher Ed Maturity

In an effort to understand the emerging challenges facing Higher Ed IT, TeamDynamix conducted a pulse study to evaluate IT organizational maturity. The 2016 Pulse Study included 104 participants from two-and-four-year institutions ranging in size from under 5,000 undergraduates to more than 100,000.


EdTech Is Evolving Rapidly

Richard Musal, Associate Director, IT – Client Services & Operations at Manhattan College, discusses how EdTech is evolving and how TeamDynamix helped revolutionize the way the IT department does business.