Card Wall and Agile for HR Marketing Residential LifeFor agile teams, this is nothing new, a project methodology aimed at rapid development with iterative feedback and communication.  Agile teams use this approach to improve their response to changing needs and demands.  These quick iterations then offer a more usable and practical output in the end.  This is not news.

However, what if you are not an agile team?   What if you are in HR, Marketing, Legal, Residential Life or another area on campus?  Are these groups exposed to the benefits of leveraging a card wall solution?

Imagine if communications and content creation could go through a card wall project plan versus a series of emails and sticky notes?  What about managing the performance review cycle?  Professor evaluations?  Even the planning of a dorm picnic.

If you are in IT or the PMO, consider a lunch & learn session to help other groups understand how they can be leveraging card wall for basic project planning.


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