Focus on the Students

Each year, students arrive on campus with more devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. But these devices are no longer being used solely for leisure; they are now being used for research, note-taking, programming, and much more.

Just as trends in student behavior change, so too must the teams tasked with supporting the technology that is so vital to Higher Ed academics in the 21st century.

Jason Donnell, IT Analyst in the Department of IT Client Services at California State University – Chico, sees the EdTech trend being one that will shape the future of Higher Ed IT. The IT department must adapt to address the needs of the university at large.

In this TDX SoundBite, Jason takes a moment to tell us how their client portal has enhanced the customer engagement process by providing a platform for back and forth communications on service tickets.

“TeamDynamix has definitely helped since we implemented it almost a year ago on the ticketing side. It’s a definite improvement in customer communication with the client portal that’s really opened up a lot of channels of communication…there’s much easier engagement with the customers that way.”

– Jason Donnell, IT Analyst – IT Client Services, California State University, Chico


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