New eBook for Healthcare IT Leaders

When examining your IT budget, what should healthcare CIOs look for?

In this eBook, you will learn about the common problems CIOs in healthcare are dealing with, according to a recent market study, and the key areas to focus on when addressing these challenges.

Service & Project Management.

A winning combination.

The only platform to be awarded a Gold Medal for both ITSM & PPM

Why do our customers love having service & projects together?
  • Reduce drain on budget & resources
  • Techs can view tickets & tasks in one place
  • Engage in resource capacity planning


Has the rapidly evolving landscape in healthcare left you behind?

The pace of change and evolution within healthcare is daunting and supporting the emerging technology is critical. Are you ready to get up to speed with this digital transformation?

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Texas Tech University - Health Sciences Center: ITSM & Project Management Client
Nebraska Health Information Initiative: TeamDynamix ITSM & IT Project Management Client
Covenant Healthcare Logo: TeamDynamix ITSM & Project Portfolio Management Client
Quartz Benefits Logo: ITSM & Project Portfolio Management Client at TeamDynamix

Move up to a platform that reduces headaches and chaos while helping you deliver more value, faster.

The Need for Speed in Healthcare IT

Healthcare improves ITSM and Project Management

IT leaders at Covenant HealthCare knew their IT department needed a faster, more efficient way to manage service requests and projects. They chose TeamDynamix to be their combined IT Service Management and Project Management solution to help them meet the challenges occurring as a result of the increasing demand for IT support.

“In healthcare, they need quick, fast access — like they are running a kiosk, or at a checkout line,” explains Raymond Hall, the Technology Manager at Covenant HealthCare. “But the amount of data that they need, and the sophistication of the data that they need, is the equivalent of someone sitting down to do a research paper.”

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