iPaaS Use Cases

Use Case

Automate Your Workflows with iPaaS

With iPaaS you can build automated workflows for some of the more resource-intensive processes – like onboarding an employee – kick off a series of actions based on the parameters you enter. Send approvals for document signature and more.
Use Case

Aggregate Your Data with iPaaS

With iPaaS you can easily integrate data from multiple data sources. Bring it all together in one golden record for faster action and better decision making. Customer and sales data, student data, employee metrics, and more! 

Use Case

DevOps Meets iPaaS

When you bring together iPaaS and DevOps you can shorten your build and development cycles, and securely manage APIs with easy and fast access to codeless integration. 

What is iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service)?

iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is a cloud-based platform that connects different systems, technologies, applications on-premise or within the cloud. It enables companies to deploy and maintain integration flows without using middleware and specialized hardware between a company and third-party software or within an organization.

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