IT Maturity in the Public Sector

An integrated work management platform combines service management and project portfolio management into a centralized hub to help governments overcome common challenges; enhance efficiency; and ultimately provide better experiences to the public, businesses, and employees. This paper offers several best practices to get agencies started down the path of integrated work management so they can reap these benefits.

Issue Brief:

  • Establishing a comprehensive, user-friendly knowledge base.
  • Consolidating project management and service management.
  • Choosing the right tool for the job.
  • Making project management a discipline.

52 percent of large government IT projects went over budget, were behind schedule or didn’t meet expectations; 41.4 percent were abandoned or had to be restarted.

Project, program, and service management are core functions in every government organization. Integrated work management platforms quickly connect citizens, employees, and businesses with content and workflows so they can answer questions on their own and make well-informed decisions. In doing so, these solutions help ensure tasks, projects, events, and services are initiated, supported, completed and reported efficiently and cost-effectively. As state and local governments work to modernize and transform their organizations, they can adopt an integrated work management platform to help address some of their most pressing challenges.



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