Key Findings

As EdTech spend reaches unprecedented levels, organizations are gearing up for an accelerated adoption of on-campus technology. This is driving many Higher Ed institutions to find ways to improve IT maturity and streamline internal processes to manage the influx of demand. 

With key findings from the Pulse Study, we get a clearer understanding of top challenges facing Higher Ed IT. And while resource constraints top the list in terms of organizational challenges, the solution for many is a commitment to improved processes and technology.

From expanding service management across campus and integrating project & service management to implementing knowledge-centered service (KCS) – find out how you rank.


47% self-rank to IT maturity levels 1 or 2.

The study looks at survey responses against an IT maturity model based on a five-level system ranging from Level 1 (Ad-hoc/Manual processes) to Level 5 (Calibrated & Optimized).


49% cited a lack of resources as their top challenge.

With thousands of new users to support each year, managing resources in this environment is uniquely challenging—and communicating the efforts to stakeholders can be even more difficult.

Download the TDX 2017 Pulse Study to find out how your peers are tackling the top challenges in Higher Ed IT.


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