SCUHS - Unifying IT Facilities and Marketing with Enterprise Service ManagementIn this high-tech age, long gone are the days of passing notes for support and service requests. Online ticketing software has arrived to replace this outdated method of service requests. Or so one would think.

All Projects – All On the Same Platform

For many universities, ticketing processes are still in a state of disorder. Even though such random methods have the potential to be streamlined and more efficient, they often remain in a state of discord and result in lackluster service for the user. Plus, there are often multiple departments across any given campus – each with different platforms and programs to manage their respective operations. Among the chaos, the importance of having a single service management platform for all departments is often left unrecognized even though it can be a critical success factor in running an efficient service organization.

If a college or university does not manage all its projects within one platform, resource allocation is bound to be less effective, resulting in lower levels of customer service and satisfaction. Miscommunication can also grow between departments and lead to a higher level of mistakes made on service requests. Users will have to wait longer for their problems to be fixed, or they may never receive help.

Having a single service management platform has also revealed a lower total cost of ownership to higher education institutions. When universities make fewer mistakes, they spend less money fixing problems. As a result, they can avoid playing catch-up and redirect resources to focus more on resolving issues. In the long term, it will cost significantly less to make an initial investment in a good, single platform. Avoiding a helpful service management solution to save money in the short term should not be an option.

Making Processes More Efficient

The Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCUHS) is a private university with over a century of experience in the preparation of students for exceptional careers in the field of patient care. An accredited college, they train students to be caring, competent practitioners through a variety of educational programs.

At SCUHS, and many other universities, the ticketing process was inefficient and unreliable, with no way to track the progress of requests. Seeing the advantages of service management software, SCUHS implemented an enterprise service management solution. Through this, SCUHS has managed to bring together three seemingly different departments – IT, Physical Plant/Facilities, and Marketing – and has made their ticketing process more efficient in its use of time and other resources.

To find out more about how the Southern California University of Health Sciences uses Enterprise Service Management software, read the case study.


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