ActOn Implementation Program

The TDX Services team has been onsite at literally hundreds of campuses throughout the country.  They understand that Higher Ed is unique.  Nowhere else do you find this operating model where each year you onboard hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands new users.

Each arriving with an average of 3 devices.  An environment where your end users are customers, not employees.  This creates resource drain and pressure that is unique.

Our methodology is grounded in the belief that we need to offer solutions that are easy to use, easy to own and easy to operate.  The implementation approach is broken down into distinct categories:

Phase 1A - Access

“What does good look like?” The team will work with you to conduct an evaluation of current and future processes, service levels, workflows and defined success metrics.  This is an important step as it is used to align the project roll-out to your campus strategy and vision.  This allows us to deliver an end solution that helps to drive the strategic value of IT on campus.

Phase 2A – Configure

“Alignment to vision.” During this phase we work with you to tailor the environment to meet your specific needs.  We can leverage pre-configured workflows, introduce approaches used at other institutions, and take these starting points to help guide you.  With a fully configurable system, we do not need to engage in scripting or coding which means that we can also build upon the initial workflows over time as you mature in your service delivery.

Phase 3A – Transfer

“Campus Readiness.”  Knowledge transfer is one of the most critical steps in a technology deployment project.  This goes beyond the pre go-live user training to include strategic planning and documentation around everything from how to expand service delivery across the campus to facilities, admissions, HR and more to creating the right dashboards and analytics required to effectively communicate the value of the IT organization.


During the go-live, TDX Services will be there with you.  We will continue to manage the project and consider this just another milestone in a broader initiative.  It is not a time to walk away.  We treat this as an opportunity to calibrate and fine-tune the solution as it goes into production.

Phase 1B - Optimize

“How’s it going?” During this phase we evaluate usage and adoption.  We track performance and workflow effectiveness and will work with you to calibrate and optimize the solution to fit into your daily operations.  This is a standard and pivotal step in the project plan.

Phase 2B – Normalize

“Your new normal.”  Once optimized, the solution now becomes a core backbone to your operations – it facilitates your operations and it becomes part of your culture.  It can also be used strategically to expand service, enhance student experiences, and bring additional value to the organization.  Using the solution strategically will become part of your DNA.

TDX Services can stay with you well into the future.  With our managed services offering we can be part of your team.  Extending the value of the solution and giving you the ability to deliver even greater value as you continue to build out services.

TDX Managed Services

Claim back your team: What’s keeping you back from moving your initiatives forward? It’s very simple—there is not enough time in the day to be strategic or to grow your talent base. That is why many organizations are looking for experts to join the team—to help institute best practices and to drive forward some of the more impactful projects.

Client Portal For Students & Faculty

Expand your campus reach: Connect, collaborate and communicate. Supporting and enhancing the “student experience” throughout the student lifecycle (from first contact to becoming an alumni) is critical to the success in higher education today for both the student and the institution.