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Chat meets automation. Did you know 76% of IT leaders surveyed say they don’t like their current chatbot? Change that with conversational AI.  Get the State of Conversational AI market report from Information Week.

State of Chatbots and Conversational AI

Rapid Time to Value

Get up and running quickly on a no-code, highly-configurable platform.

Delight Everyone

Take the fight out of technology with a platform built to work for everyone.

Stay Ahead

Quickly evolve and expand with custom forms, fields, workflows and integrations.

chat multi channel conversational ai with automation

Multi-Channel and Live Agent Support

TeamDynamix Conversational AI extends the out-of-the-box model by allowing clients to add conversational AI to any viable conversation channel.  Use predefined connectors for web chatbot, SMS/text, Slack, Microsoft Teams and social media.

  • Web chatbot, SMS/text, Slack, Microsoft Teams and social media
  • Push forms and gather additional data across channels
  • Live-agent failover with easy configuration

Intent Matching and Training

Prebuilt with millions of ticket records, TeamDynamix Conversational AI is preloaded with real-use scenario training based on decades of ITSM experience, bringing immediate value to your organization.  Set match confidence thresholds and manage exceptions.

  • Automated intent matching with NLP assist
  • Quick and easy administration of intent pairings
  • Pre-loaded intent data based on millions of records 
chat intent utterance matching conversational ai with automation
Chat - Natural Language Processing NLP Conversational AI

Natural Language Understanding

Leveraging Microsoft Cognitive Services Conversational Language Understanding (CLU) technology, this market-leading machine learning platform analyzes incoming text in real-time, extracting important information to match it with known intents.

  • Pre-loaded with intents based on millions of records
  • Channel-specific interpretations and flows
  • Adjust processing and thresholds by bot

Bot Integration and Automation

Action-based AI-driven conversations leverage enterprise system integration, automated workflows and dynamic forms. Benefit from a fully integrated platform and dynamic forms to help facilitate conversations and to pass data between the end-user and back-end systems. 

  • Integrate conversational AI into the enterprise with pre-built connectors
  • Action-based to include the use of forms and triggered automation
  • Leverage dynamic forms to collect data and direct the flow path
Chat - iPaaS Integration and Automation Conversational AI

Using conversational AI increases chatbot user adoption by 50 percent.

State of Chatbots and Conversational AI Market Study


State of Converational AI
InformationWeek Report

While chatbots have brought on a fair amount of frustration to both end-users and IT teams, Conversational AI is offering a new way to chat.  Learn how conversational AI is leveraging AI for natural language processing to improve how we interpret end-user inquiries.

State of Chatbots and Conversational AI


Massimo Zanetti fuels productivity with automation.

flexible itsm platform for improved productivity


Self Regional supercharges ITSM with automation.

healthcare itsm tool


Bowdoin enables Conversational AI to resolve tickets faster.

conversational AI chatbot


Gratz Bank improves change control and expands for enterprise service.

ITSM for change control


City of Madison gains a single view of tickets and projects.


Nutrabolt embraces service desk automation with flexible no-code platform.

ITSM tool

TeamDynamix awards & accolades.

G2 Higher Performer
InfoTech Emotional Footprint
Gartner ITSM quadrant customer choice
InfoTech Quadrant
G2 Best Support


TeamDynamix Unified No-code Platform


Life-cycle IT Service Management with support for ITIL, assets, change, self-service, conversational AI and automation.

ITSM Automation


Make enterprise service management a reality with a single platform across IT, Facilities, HR, Marketing and more.


Let automation take off with no-code enterprise integration and workflow.  Embrace digital transformation.


Change the way you chat with conversational AI – natural language processing with automation.


Tackle projects of any size with a platform that is as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be.

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Chief Information Officer
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