Project Management 

Keep all your projects on track and on budget.

Project Management Made Easy

Visualize timelines and resources across the entire project portfolio. Manage tickets and projects in one view, manage resources, and track risks, milestones, and key dependencies in one easy-to-use platform. Improve project intake, governance, and visibility through comprehensive dashboards with drill-down capabilities. Flexible methodologies allow for simple or very complex project plans.

Manage Project Outcomes

Whether you need to create complex plans or simple task lists for more basic needs, Project Portfolio Management helps you optimize resources against multiple projects and tickets. Leverage flexible methodologies including Waterfall, Agile, KANBAN, Card Wall or collaborative task lists. Keep control of project timelines, manage resources and gain insights to help you optimize the project portfolio.

Better Governance with PPM

Create, define and track tasks and milestones. You can assign projects to project managers and project tasks, including milestones, to any team member on a project. Notifications include project updates, task updates and even automated messages around percentage complete and due dates. Tasks can be toggled into Gantt chart views, Agile card wall views and timeline views.

Visibility of Project Risk

Projects can have a risk register that gives project request reviewers and team members the ability to record and manage risks separately from issues. Issues and risks can be associated with tasks on the project schedule. Easily identify tasks impacted by issues and risks with icons on the project schedule or placed on custom exec dashboards with health status flags based on configuration settings.

Project Management Insights

Easily configure dashboards to non-PPM users, including publicly facing, so you can quickly and quickly communicate project status. Improve intake and prioritization with online forms for intake. The level of detail users can capture at this initial phase is entirely configurable. Requestors can view the status of their project request as it moves through the project request process on public dashboards.

Flexible Project Management

  • Create custom project intake forms with scoring and workflow
  • Flexible project methodologies and templates
  • Easily view project risk on dashboards
  • Visualize projects and resources on timelines
  • Gain a combined view of project and ticket work
  • Custom configure project risk flags and status levels
  • Engage in resource capacity planning
  • Improve enterprise-wide visibility with dashboards
We had 3 or 4 different systems we were using. Now with TeamDynamix, we’re able to do all that with one system.

Khaleel Gathers

Project Manager

Buffalo State College

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