Managed Services & Support

What’s stopping you from moving your initiatives forward? It’s very simple – there is not enough time in the day to be strategic or to grow your talent base. That is why many organizations are looking for experts to join the team – to help institute best practices and to drive forward some of the more impactful projects.


Let Us Join Your Team

Many are finding that in order to alleviate resource constraints, they must work with a partner who can take on a range of work including basic user administration, building workflows, and creating custom dashboards.

TeamDynamix can optimize your processes with a dedicated resource to help free up time by managing basic activities including:

  • User Administration
  • Client Portal Creation & Modification
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Workflow Configuration

Service Portal Adoption

If you are not optimizing your portal, you are missing out on an opportunity to create a positive user experience. A service portal can evolve far beyond a basic IT ticketing application. Imagine a central point of contact where users can:

  • Get help with an IT issue
  • Submit maintenance requests
  • Schedule meetings
  • Reserve equipment

Every interaction point can be initiated and managed from a single location. TeamDynamix will work with you to build out this platform and vision.


Dashboards & Reporting

The search for cost savings, efficiencies, and success stories is never-ending. Within TeamDynamix, you can easily create dashboards to put information at the fingertips of internal stakeholders including upper management.

Creating visibility in TeamDynamix is quick and easy. No coding is required and you do not need to be a programmer to use TeamDynamix dashboards. However, like many of our customers your time is in high demand and sometimes it’s nice to have some help. We can work with you to create and build cool custom dashboards with nothing but some input from you.

Our dashboard capabilities almost compel you to tweak them. With multiple drilldowns, real-time updating, and dynamic customization, your users are sure to enjoy the dashboard experience while discovering data relationships that make a real difference.


Our support team interacts with the TeamDynamix user community daily. With our knowledge base and service catalog, we can easily share common questions and answers. We are available by phone, email, or through the client portal to help resolve issues and discuss any feedback you have. Our user community is also very active – from interacting online to attending the annual TDX Client Summit, your network of peers will help support you and your organization.

Get Support


TDX Academy

TDX Academy provides customers with a library of on-demand video tutorials offering useful tips on how to get the most out of TeamDynamix. Our Professional Services team is continually producing videos focused on addressing the most common questions and ideas generated by our user community.

TDX Academy is here to help customers:

  • Ramp up quickly.
  • Get the most out of TeamDynamix with advanced techniques.
  • Drive adoption and usage.
  • Improve the customer experience.
  • Gain advanced knowledge of analytics and reporting.