Project Dashboards and Reports 

Gain valuable insights with PPM dashboards.

Improve Project Visibility

Get a consolidated view of projects across teams with custom views and the ability to export or publish publicly. With a consolidated portfolio of projects tied to tickets, you can pull in data and view KPIs for the status of a project’s progress or drill down into specific areas for more analysis.

Visualize Timelines, Risks and Budgets

When it comes to project management, transparency is key to success. Keep everyone up-to-date with dashboards to show progress—including those outside of the project team. Create custom views and drill down to details including milestones, risks, and bottlenecks. Give visibility to project intake and prioritization.

Custom Dashboards Made Easy

Dashboards and reports can be created using an easy-to-use interface – no coding or scripting. You can apply filters and permissions to further customize your views. These can be deployed to a group of users. End-users can copy and modify these dashboards or create their own. Dashboards can show a flash view of all work assigned, project requests, resource assignments, risks and more.

View 'My Projects' in One Spot

Project Managers can easily administer their projects from a central dashboard called ‘My Managed Projects’. This toolset allows a manager to administer their project and quickly and easily view the latest project metrics and updates. Admins can also build out custom scorecards; each criteria choice can be assigned a unique weight and the outcome can be published to stakeholders.

Scoring and Prioritization

Improve stakeholder visibility to project request scoring. You can build scorecard criteria that directly reflect your scoring needs and then display the project scoring and prioritization on dashboards. You can assign a unique weight to each criteria choice. The scorecards you create can then be used to facilitate discussions and presented on dashboards along with resource allocations and timelines.

Project Dashboards and Reports

  • Quickly create new dashboards and reports
  • No coding or scripting / use drag-and-drop widgets
  • Roll out dashboards to a group of users
  • Allow end-users to create new dashboards
  • Quick view of all projects and tickets in one place
  • Create a custom look with dashboard widgets
  • Incorporate project intake and prioritization scoring
  • Evaluate project risk, dependencies, resources and timelines

We get much better tracking and more accurate data that can be used to improve our service.”

Brandon McNeely

IT Infrastructure and Support Manager

Great Eastern Resort

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