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84% of IT leaders in manufacturing state that they do not have a fully optimized IT service desk and are seeking improved ITSM maturity.

State of ITSM in Manufacturing

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Lack of resources and High Ticket Volumes are top challenges.

Data from InformationWeek’s State of ITSM in Manufacturing Report shows that while manufacturers are making great progress on maturing their ITSM systems and processes, they’ll soon face headwinds if they don’t digitally transform ITSM the way they are on their factory floors.

ITSM for Manufacturing

51% of IT leaders in manufacturing have not refreshed their ITSM platform in 5+ years.

ITSM Automation

As ticket volume continues to rise, there is an increased focus on automation.

Enterprise Service

65% have not expanded for true ESM yet 41% state this is a top initiative.

IT Service Management for Manufacturing

Big Opportunities for Modernization of IT Services

The good news is that the vast majority of manufacturers have
at least some level of ITSM systems and processes in place. Only a very slim margin of them (3%) say they’re at low maturity with nothing in place. However, there’s also definitely room for growth. Just 16% say they have very high maturity with best-in-class service delivery for their IT functions.  The areas that need the most  improvement include enterprise data integration and project intake.

Manufacturers Seek No-Code ITSM to Lower Admin Overhead

For many, modernization is challenged due to the manual processes have calcified around the limitations of old systems and IT staffers are further burdened with the maintenance necessary just to keep their platform creaking along.  


If the platform can handle custom automation, these older systems tend to require deep technical resources to do something like creating a new workflow, custom form, integration or automation. 


This kind of intensive work calls for a no-code platform that cuts through that skills barrier so anyone in the IT department can easily create a form, drag a new field, or otherwise upgrade the workflow based on changing business needs.

ITSM automation iPaaS

Bringing Tickets & Projects Together for a Single View

While most manufacturers today have project intake, prioritization, and review processes in place within their existing ITSM strategy, this
is another area ripe for improvement through modernization.


Even though this is the most-cited best practice already in place, 36% of organizations still don’t have it. That’s probably because some 59% of manufacturers say they lack the ability to manage all the work—ITSM
and project management—on one platform. The same percentage say they don’t have a place to monitor project risks, and approximately
56% don’t have Project Portfolio Management (PPM) in place.

Why Tickets & Projects Belong Together

  • When managers are bouncing back and forth between systems, it becomes a struggle to perform resource capacity planning
  • When tickets and projects are together in one place, techs can quickly glance at their work assignments in one place
  • Easily create tickets that hang off of projects, or convert a ticket to a project when it is all in one place
  • Leverage ITIL change management together with projects for improved visibility and better tracking
  • Get a view into resource allocations across both tickets and projects for a more complete view of work assigned

Top Opportunities for ITSM Maturity in Manufacturing

The rapid proliferation of mission-critical IoT systems on the factory floor and across the supply chain has caused increasing pressure on the
shoulders of IT to properly service equipment and troubleshoot.


They also raise the stakes on speedy ITSM delivery, as IT systems become more intricately tied up in manufacturers’ core mission of keeping factory processes continuously running.

Automate the Manual Tasks

44% say they do tasks  like name change updates, on/off-boarding, and more without automation .

Self-Service Adoption

69% have a portal yet only 33% would say that the portal is effective for self-service.

State of ITSM in Manufacturing - InformationWeek Market Study

56% of IT leaders in Manufacturing will adopt ITSM automation.

56% of organizations say that digital transformation of the IT Service Desk — including integration of data and workflow— is critical in the next  12 to 24 months.

The automation capabilities in TeamDynamix are far above anything I’ve used before.

Adam Crichlow

IT Service Desk Manager 

Ellsworth Adhesives

ITSM Automation with TeamDynamix

What can be automated?

Inefficiencies are being caused by some of the biggest ITSM challenges faced today in manufacturing. 


The top challenge in ITSM came up as a tie: “Lack of resources/ high ticket volumes” was in a dead heat with “excessive manual processing / insufficient automation”. In both instances, 44% said this was one of their top challenges. So, what can be automated? Where do you begin?

Password Resets

Password resets are very basic and yet eat up valuable time


The top area to target for many—reducing weeks to minutes

Name / Address Changes

Integrate with HR systems to streamline updates from tickets

InformationWeek Market Study
State of ITSM in Manufacturing

IT leaders in manufacturing are facing increased demand while experiencing resource and budget constraints.  Download this report to understand the key areas to focus on for improved ITSM maturing and reduced admin overhead.

State of ITSM in Manufacturing


Massimo Zanetti fuels productivity with automation.

flexible itsm platform for improved productivity


Nutrabolt embraces service desk automation with flexible no-code platform.

ITSM tool


Walbec Group paves the way for modernized IT service management.

ITSM with low admin overhead for Walbec Group


Market Lab embraces smart service management with workflow automation.

ITSM for healthcare manufacturing


Ellsworth Adhesives improves ITSM with game changing automation.

ITSM Automation with TeamDynamix

I like the platform’s lightweight nature, and its ability to scale.

Mark Dittenber 

Director of Information Technology 


Which ITSM Vendor is Right for You? Get the Vendor Quadrant Report.

Whether you are looking to level up an older ticketing platform or considering migration to a no-code platform, you will benefit from this comprehensive report which looks at business value, ease of use, strategy and innovation across ITSM vendors. Get the Info-Tech Vendor Rankings Report.

ITSM Quadrant Vendor Rankings Info-Tech Software Reviews

solutions for manufacturing

TeamDynamix Unified No-code Platform


Life-cycle IT Service Management with support for ITIL, assets, change, self-service, conversational AI and automation.

ITSM Automation


Make enterprise service management a reality with a single platform across IT, Facilities, HR, Marketing and more.


Let automation take off with no-code enterprise integration and workflow.  Embrace digital transformation.


Change the way you chat with conversational AI – natural language processing with automation.


Tackle projects of any size with a platform that is as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be.

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