TDX Philosophy & Approach

For most 501(c) organizations, demands are evolving quickly, clients are becoming more mobile and demanding while resources are often more constrained than the private sector. At TDX we understand that you are not a Fortune 500 company. We understand the importance and challenges of your mission and we strive to support it with a clear set of values and beliefs aimed at helping you become the most efficient and effective organization possible. We believe our mission and philosophy aligns with your needs.

  • The pace of change is accelerating. In order to be relevant and stay relevant, we must be capable of morphing and adapting to the emerging needs of each student. TDX has created a highly configurable platform that can be used to build out the future – our philosophy is that technology is an enabler and that it should be capable of changing with you without overwhelming your budget.
  • The campus experience is a single experience. As such, solutions should provide “One Ecosystem” to simplify all service delivery, resource management, project and portfolio management and provide an exceptional experience for students.
  • Your mission as an organization is impactful. You need to be supported by technology that is easy to use, easy to own, and easy to operate. Staff and funds should be focused on serving clients and freed from inefficient processes and excessive administrative burdens for the service management platform.
  • The Higher Ed Operating Model is unique. Clients should expect enterprise class solutions without needing Fortune 500 budgets. Time to value needs to be rapid. Long implementation cycles are not acceptable. Solutions need to be accessible (508 compliant) for visually impaired students, faculty and staff.

TDX Managed Services

Claim back your team: What’s keeping you back from moving your initiatives forward? It’s very simple—there is not enough time in the day to be strategic or to grow your talent base. That is why many organizations are looking for experts to join the team—to help institute best practices and to drive forward some of the more impactful projects.

Client Portal For Students & Faculty

Expand your campus reach: Connect, collaborate and communicate. Supporting and enhancing the “student experience” throughout the student lifecycle (from first contact to becoming an alumni) is critical to the success in higher education today for both the student and the institution.

We ask questions, we look beyond the norm, and we understand Higher Ed. We access, configure and transfer knowledge in an iterative implementation approach.

Our philosophy is that technology is an enabler and that it should be capable of changing with you without overwhelming your budget. We will align to your strategic vision with a highly adaptive solution.