ITSM - Workflow & Automation

Full life-cycle support for ITSM with configurable workflow, automation and resource planning.

Automating IT Service Management processes is one of the best ways to improve your team’s efficiencies, improve the quality of service provided, reduce errors and improve end-user satisfaction. Automation reduces the time spent on mundane, manual, or error-prone activities – allowing your team to focus on projects with the highest priority.

ITSM - Workflow & Automation

Drive efficiency with fast and easy access to all information with workflows and routing.

Automating IT Service Management processes is one of the best ways to improve your team’s efficiencies, improve the quality of service provided, reduce errors and improve end-user satisfaction. Automation reduces the time spent on mundane, manual, or error-prone activities – allowing your team to focus on projects with the highest priority.

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ITSM Automation & Workflow Made Easy

With TeamDynamix, you can easily build and test workflows to automate tasks using a visual map without any coding or scripting. The core ITSM system offers drag & drop workflow building with automation and form creation – all with no coding and no scripting.

Enterprise Integration and Workflow can take off with TDX iPaaS. If you want to supercharge your automation efforts and integrate your entire ecosystem of technology with IT Process Automation, TeamDynamix offers iPaaS with workflow automation.

Western U of Health Sciences Levels UP ITSM

Western University of Health Sciences knew they had a talented IT department but was struggling to take advantage of that talent to provide quality IT experience for students, faculty, and patients. They were too busy trying to tackle problems or tech emergencies. To remedy this, WesternU is using a single platform approach with TeamDynamix to gain a 360 view of their resources and projects – allowing them to better plan resources and provide a better, more effective customer experience.  

Codeless building of ITSM workflow & automation

TeamDynamix offers a powerful automation engine that can prioritize, assign and escalate tickets based upon business rules and conditions. In addition, TeamDynamix has a drag and drop workflow builder that makes it easy to support business processes and includes automation workflow steps with no additional licensing.

Automation allows you to specify actions, like the routing that take place when a ticket is created or modified. For example, you can route requests to the right team based on your business rules (request criteria) so tickets get where they need to be for the quickest resolution. With automaton, these actions take place regardless of whether the ticket is captured through your self-service portal, entered within the ticketing application or submitted to a web service.

Additional automation actions include assigning workflows, SLAs and notifications. The solution supports automation steps to third-party systems through bi-directional RESTful APIs at no additional cost, or you can supercharge your workflows and automations using TeamDynamix iPaaS.

Image of TeamDynamix Workflow Process Viewer for ITSM Processes

SLA management and tracking made easy

TeamDynamix has an SLA engine that can automatically escalate tickets and send reminders. Service levels in the TeamDynamix ITSM software are easy to create and can be applied to work items either systematically or manually. Using the best practice standard “Respond – Resolve” as foundations for each SLA, it is easy to insert escalation steps to further customize your organization’s responses to various circumstances.

Service levels can be interacted with by permission, and each segmented line of business can maintain its own SLAs and settings. You have the ability to reassign, reprioritize and send notifications after a defined percentage of the SLA deadline has passed, as well as when a deadline has passed.

Automation rules can assign SLAs based on client users, services, and other properties of the ticket. When a user changes a ticket’s type, the SLAs and task templates applied prior to the change will remain active.

You can create as many SLAs and steps as needed. Unlimited incidents can be linked to a single SLA. ITSM dashboards give you a quick and easy view of SLAs so you can see the status of all tickets and resources.

Flexible workflow builds 'My Work'

Using the TeamDynamix workflow builder, users can easily configure approvals, tasks, and web service calls; and all workflows can be set to run synchronously or asynchronously. In addition, TDX workflows allow for automatic assignments to individuals or groups, or they can be contextually based on the type of request, the requestor, or information added to the request form at the time of the request.

Easy to Use Workflow Configuration
Workflows and owners can be manually or automatically set. In addition, TeamDynamix IT Service Management allows end-users to track the status and workflow of their tickets through the update process. Status can be automatically set, and the progression through the workflow can be visually monitored.

Initiating Workflow from the ITIL Service Catalog TeamDynamix has out-of-the-box Type Category (Parent) and Type (Child) categorization structure on ticket forms. Our service catalog allows for unlimited nested categories that support the granular categorization of tickets. Type Categories and Types can be set to inactive for retirement.

Using Conditions to Trigger Workflow & Approvals
Ticket types or categories can be used to automate notifications, assignments, SLAs, workflows, and priority. Notifications are also sent to approvers with a direct link to approve the request. Technicians can resend notifications and “Force Approve” (with proper permissions). Choice and conditional steps can be used to support ranking and rating processes.

Over 90% of respondents have a great experience with their TeamDynamix solution and trust the vendor to address and contribute to how they can further improve and innovate using their solution.

– Info-Tech ITSM 2021 Rankings

Fosters Collaboration & Connectivity

“My Work” Desktop Organizes Assigned Work
Tasks assigned to users via workflow can be viewed within desktop widgets on the user’s dashboard(s), can be found through searches. Users can also view their assigned work within the My Work application in TeamDynamix, which provides a focused view of all the user’s work across all applications including tickets, incidents, problems, and projects.

Change and Release Management Workflows
Change workflows can create release tickets with their own unique workflows as you move through your change/release process.

Automated Notification Steps
Notification steps can be inserted anywhere within the workflow. In addition, auto-notifications occur for assignments within the workflow.

Sending Alerts to the Release Manager
The TeamDynamix workflow builder will send alerts to the release manager as service interruptions are tracked and worked on within a ticket.

Project Intake and Approval Workflow
Users can submit project requests through the portal or through web forms on other pages. All project requests then move into TeamDynamix Project Portfolio Management, where all project request-related activity takes place.

Here, you will have the ability to add project requests to the appropriate approval workflows as well as build them out, score, and measure them against other requests before approval.

Why it is so important to have an ITSM system that also tracks projects?

Nothing is as simple as it appears on the surface. Often what may be entered initially as an incident eventually morphs into a problem. This is not uncommon, and most platforms manage this transformation. 

However, what happens when the problem should really be managed as a project? Conversion of a problem to a project in TeamDynamix is easy because you can easily convert it and stay on the same platform – there’s no need to navigate to a different tool or software. 

Learn more about TeamDynamix Project Portfolio Management. 

TeamDynamix Ranked 1st​ of 17 in IT Service Management

This report used insights from validated users to share why TeamDynamix users are more satisfied and more likely to recommend this solution to their peers and colleagues. Outstanding user reviews rank TeamDynamix ITSM as a leader in the SoftwareReviews’ January 2021 Data Quadrant.


TeamDynamix focuses on implementing ITIL best practices in the features and functionality of their product. The product is very customizable even if you don’t have developers dedicated to program customization.”

– IT Director, Mid-Market 

No Coding. No Scripting. No Hassles!

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