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TeamDynamix is a SaaS Cloud solution offering service and project management, with integration and workflow, together on one platform. The solution is easy to use, own, and operate – offering high flexibility & configuration without any coding or scripting. Use all of it, or part of it – depending upon your needs.

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Our Professional Services team can help you fully integrate TeamDynamix with third-party solutions you are already using, including out-of-the-box integrations with solutions such as Ellucian, Kaseya, and Bomgar.

Our trained experts are equipped to deliver customized services as well, including reporting and analysis, custom database work, data migration, and system integrations with the solutions you are already using in your environment.


Every organization is different, which is why we are available to assist with a wide variety of technical needs. Do you struggle to meet specific institution reporting, regulation reporting, or other reporting requirements? Or are you looking to preserve a wealth of user or asset data for use in TDX?

So, if you’d like to integrate TDX with your student information system, inventory management system, Microsoft SCCM, ERP system, etc., or perhaps get some extra help complying with tough reporting requirements, we’ve got you covered.




TeamDynamix integrates with Ellucian’s Ethos – a hub that interfaces with various Ellucian platforms. This integration provides institutions with an easier way to configure, manage, and troubleshoot student, staff, and asset data within TeamDynamix.

Ellucian Ethos integration ensures data from that single source flows between all systems, applications, and processes—enabling the institution to deliver end-to-end services to all users, and increasing the return on your investment for both products.


TeamDynamix has partnered with Kaseya to provide a comprehensive, integrated solution to streamline endpoint management and security by leveraging the capabilities of the Kaseya VSA and the TDX platform. 

The benefit of this integration is that it will help you deliver faster response times to repair and remedy issues for all users, making it an important tool for safeguarding against cybersecurity attacks, and adhering to stringent compliance requirements, such as HIPAA and FERPA.

You Can...



TeamDynamix has partnered with Bomgar, a leader in remote device management, to create an out-of-the-box integration designed to deliver the remote support capabilities of Bomgar directly from within the TeamDynamix platform. 

Once the necessary settings are configured, starting a remote session is just a click away. On top of that, this integration helps to centralize IT operations, ensure data integrity, and drive KPI metrics such as first call resolution, customer satisfaction, and agent utilization.

No Coding. No Scripting. No Hassles! 

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