Conversational AI (CAI)

Natural Language Processing and Training

Leverage Microsoft Cognitive Services Conversational Language Understanding (CLU) for more accurate intent matching.

An Intelligent Bot to Power Conversational AI

Conversational AI with Microsoft Cognitive Services Conversational Language Understanding (CLU) technology analyzes incoming text in real-time, extracting key information to match it with known intents. Once matched, the conversational AI responds based on the associated KB article or action triggered by the flow.  Easy on-screen training helps you to refine interactions for optimal end-user experiences.

Getting the Conversation Right

76% of the IT leaders leveraging traditional chatbots report user frustration – this is about to change. Introducing TeamDynamix Conversational AI.  Build custom bots or import a pre-loaded bot all ready to go with intent/utterance data and response dialogue paths based on millions of IT ticket interactions.  

Pre-Trained with Intent Data

Most conversational AI platforms require months of training, during which end-users get unhelpful answers. This creates a negative perception of the platform. With TeamDynamix, you benefit from pre-loaded training based upon millions of IT requests across decades of interactions to help deliver meaningful value on day one. Use generative AI for both new utterance training and testing.

Built with Microsoft CLU/NLP

Homegrown NLP engines can be costly to maintain and enhance, diverting resources from improving the conversational AI user experience. With TeamDynamix, you benefit from the embedded Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Conversational Language Understanding (CLU) technology. This underlying structure allows for faster time to value and reduced training requirements.

Human-in-the-Loop Training

When a response is given the platform can ask if it was helpful. If so, it reinforces the NLU engine’s confidence. If not, it will load the failure into a queue for Human-in-the-loop (HITL) reinforcement training. Incorporate sentiment analysis to understand tone and intent. Import/export intents and manually load for faster time to value with the ability to build out custom intent packages.

TeamDynamix conversational AI natural language processing NLP

76% of the IT leaders leveraging traditional chatbots report user frustration – leverage the Microsoft Cognitive Services Understanding (CLU) for better results.

Bot NLP and Training Engine

TeamDynamix was recognized as an 'Honorable Mention' in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for IT Service Management (ITSM)

Unified No-code Platform

Imagine a no-code platform that can be leveraged in IT, HR, Marketing, Facilities and more.

Highly flexible, easy to use and all supported by a white glove service team.


Life-cycle IT Service Management with support for ITIL, assets, change, and self-service.

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Manage service requests and projects across your organization with no coding or scripting.

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Tackle projects of any size with a platform that is as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be.

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Enterprise integration and workflow are made easy with Integration Platform as a Service.

IT Service Management Made Simple

Clean customizable interface for the end-user and ITIL views. Easy workflow building. Everything is documented, even automation, so you know all the checks and routing of workflows. Works fast.

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