EdTech is Evolving and Bringing New Challenges to Higher Ed IT

Technology in Higher Education is advancing at a rapid pace and continues to demand more of the IT departments tasked with supporting students, faculty, and staff. Now when considering that Gartner predicts that the number of connected devices will increase to 21 Billion by 2020 – 3x the current amount – we can expect unprecedented strains on network capacity at campuses everywhere.

The demands placed on Higher Ed IT departments appear set to escalate continually for the foreseeable future, which is why it is crucial for Higher Ed institutions to look at solutions that fit the needs of today, yet can expand and adapt to the challenges of tomorrow.

Richard Musal, Associate Director, IT – Client Services & Operations at Manhattan College, recalls the days of floppy disks and has taken note of how EdTech is evolving. The surge in technology adoption and higher expectations from stakeholders once drove increased volumes of service requests and user complaints at the Manhattan College IT department. Now positive feedback among users is at a much higher level.

Richard recently discussed how EdTech is evolving and how Manhattan College’s IT department revolutionized the way they do business by adopting a new approach to meeting the growing needs of campus stakeholders. You can listen to his story here.

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