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IT Asset Discovery Services and CMDB help you discover, identify and track assets, plan for changes and respond to issues with an understanding of CI configuration history, blackout & maintenance windows, and impact maps. Stay on top of replacement costs, refresh cycles, and contract renewals.

CMDB functionality is part of the TeamDynamix platform. Assets and CIs can be directly associated to an incident. Once associated, technicians can click on the asset/CI and view the details. From within the details, they have the option to view all related assets/CIs in a list view and also in a visual relationship map.

TeamDynamix makes gathering and maintaining asset and CI data easy through Asset Discovery Services. ITSM software with flexible import tools and integrations including SCCM, JAMF, Kaseya, or other discovery solutions means that your techs have everything in one place. Problems arise, your platform is there to help, building content as problems arise.

IT Asset Management in the TeamDynamix ITSM system is comprehensive. The solution provides full scope asset tracking, as well as the ability to manage status, relationships, and ownership of assets. Each asset type can track all data necessary to manage the asset and the asset’s lifecycle. Assets can be created in the system via our out of the box discovery solution, you can use the upload tool with data from another platform, and you can use the API, or manually input – there is flexibility to use it in multiple ways.

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System Administrators can create multiple asset applications, which allows the management of different assets by different departments/organizations. Each application has its own administrators, configurations, and set of assets. A technician with appropriate access can interact with assets from all asset applications while providing service. 

Assets can have multiple departments, groups, and users associated with them. In addition, multiple asset applications can be created if different departments or groups want to manage their own assets.


TeamDynamix offers Asset Discovery Services for automatic detection and input across Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, and networked devices (WMI, SSH, SNMP, UPnP). You can also upload or connect via an API and can seamlessly integrate with discovery tools such as SCCM, Casper or any SQL, MYSQL, Kaseya, or Oracle based discovery and monitoring solution via the Asset Importer integration tool.

In addition, the mapping file for Microsoft SCCM is already built-in and included with TeamDynamix. One platform to manage the full ITSM life-cycle.


If an asset is associated with a change, a workflow with a web service call can be leveraged to automatically update the asset based on information in the change (link to change management page). TeamDynamix ITSM software includes the ability to create a parent Problem, Change, or Release ticket while the underlying Incidents can maintain their autonomy to allow for rapid and efficient customer service as well as allowing for automatic cascading of status updates to Child tickets if desired.

For example, if you had an asset associated with an incident, created a parent Problem ticket from the Incident, the asset will carry over and display in the Problem. If you take this a step further and create a Change parent ticket from that Problem parent ticket, the asset will carry over and display on the Change ticket. More assets can be added or removed at any time. Knowledge articles can also be associated to tickets, automatically via a form, or manually. Any update to a ticket can be used to create a knowledge article.


TeamDynamix incorporates CMDB related functionality in its Service Asset and Configuration Management application(s).  Our tool gives users the ability to create relationships ([Asset:Asset] – [Asset:CI] – CI:CI).  Each Asset and CI can be affiliated with a Maintenance Window and our tool allows for the creation of Blackout periods; 

TeamDynamix incorporates CMDB related functionality in its Service Asset and Configuration Management application(s).  

All based on the ITIL framework.  Relationships between CIs can be easily understood to aid in change planning and outage response.

Dependencies between Assets/CIs help build proper change schedules which will help mitigate outages or SLA breaches.

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