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Sometimes addressing releases, changes, and solutions to problems requires significant effort and can evolve into full-on projects. With TeamDynamix, you get IT Service Management (ITSM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) together on one platform.

With a single platform approach for ITSM and PPM, you can operate within the ITIL framework, while also adopting best practices in project management. The platform has the flexibility to accommodate the most sophisticated PMO, down to a basic departmental project.

We have developed a flexible platform that allows you to share as much or as little as you like.

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Why IT Service Management & Projects Go Together

ITSM & PPM Working Together

TeamDynamix integrates project task and tickets (incidents, problems, changes, service requests), allowing project team members to pull tickets onto a project plan.  In addition, tickets can be escalated to a project or project request (permission based).

Change and release tickets can be incorporated into existing projects. The tickets can also be converted to a project or project request. Service Validation and Testing can be supported via a ticketing application or through Project Portfolio Management depending on your processes and requirements.

Depending upon your needs, we can create complex plans for advanced project managers or simple task lists for more basic needs. The key to TeamDynamix is that there is a portfolio-driven approach. You can easily optimize resources against multiple projects and tickets.

A one platform approach allows you to view your resources in one place, allocate resources across key projects and tickets and engage in resource capacity planning to optimize how you are using your resources. Technicians will be able to view ALL of their work in one place.

Flexibility to Manage Projects

TeamDynamix is a full-featured ITSM software platform with project and portfolio management rolled together. The software supports the full project and portfolio lifecycle. Project Requests can easily be offered through the TeamDynamix portal or through web forms that may exist on other web pages.

The level of detail you can capture at this initial phase is entirely configurable by you. Requestors can view the status of their project request as it moves through the project request process. With TeamDynamix Project Portfolio Management, you will have the visibility and control you need over project requests – ensuring you can see all potential impacts.

We can help you can support any methodology: Waterfall, Agile, KANBAN, Card Wall, and task lists allowing you to manage issues, risks, baselines, documents, and budget performance as well as foster team collaboration.

Flexible Project Methodologies Depending upon your needs, you can create complex plans for advanced project managers or simple task lists for more basic needs. The key to TeamDynamix is that there is a portfolio-driven approach; you can easily optimize resources against multiple projects and tickets. TeamDynamix has a variety of tools at your disposal. From Project and Portfolio Management tool, to project request intake, governance, and scoring, to resource and demand management; we can assist you in building an Enterprise level tool.

TeamDynamix has the ability to manage different projects with different levels of formality and rigor. This enables different teams of varying abilities to use the same tool for otherwise disparate projects.


IT teams are under pressure – the amount of requests coming in does not slow down and yet budgets and resources are tighter than ever. Getting ahead of the game is key.

When you are using TeamDynamix, you can better manage your resources because everything is in one place – project tasks and tickets (incidents, problems, changes, service requests).

TeamDynamix allows resource managers to create time allocations for non-project work. Non-project work can be allocated by percentage, days, or hours for a given period. This is easily changed and managed to reflect changes in schedules and availability.

Resource Optimization & Load Balancing
TeamDynamix has been developed specifically for forecasting resources. This powerful and intuitive tool allows users to see the effect of the upcoming project and non-project work on resource availability while taking into account the schedule impact of currently scheduled work.

This is a differentiating factor for TeamDynamix. Depending on the needs of the organization or the maturity of processes, resource allocations can be made at the project level or they can be driven by the assignment of resources to tasks on project schedules. Portfolio managers can run workload scenarios to determine when to slot new requests and the impacts of adjusting existing commitments. The resource manager can clearly identify impending resource bottlenecks, determine what adjustments can be made, and make the adjustments.

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