Beyond Traditional Project Management

It is common for organizations to reach a point when the complete scope of projects becomes too much to take on with spreadsheets, emails, documents, and other legacy tools. Manual processes are time-consuming and error prone, document version control often requires its own separate policy to avoid confusion, and reporting is a project unto itself when data is spread out over numerous, different solutions.

TeamDynamix provides a platform to plan, track, and manage the entire portfolio of work across all projects. With TeamDynamix Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools, you can evaluate and prioritize project requests, assess needs, and understand the impact on resources. PPM also integrates with service management for an all-in-one work management platform.

Product - Project Portfolio Management - PPM - Desktop
Manage proposed, planned, and current projects.
Prioritize projects and optimize the project portfolio.
Plan projects and manage the execution of approved projects.
Track the supply and demand for project resources.

Project Planning

With Project Portfolio Management, project leads can ensure novices aren’t overwhelmed–and experts aren’t underwhelmed. TeamDynamix project management tools are powerful enough for complex needs, yet simple enough for individual team collaboration.

Project Management PPM Desktop
PPM - Governance


Identify potential roadblocks before they occur. Establish the framework to keep projects on track, aligned with organizational goals, and ensure completion on time and under budget.

project management - one size does not fit all

White Paper

Project Management: One Size Does NOT Fit All!

Learn more about the common traits of successful PMOs and how you can incorporate these techniques to improve the project management discipline in your organization.


Compile, analyze, and evaluate the data required to decide which projects to approve and when.

PPM - Intake Screen
PPM - Schedule Hours


With the integrated Resource Management application, managers can quickly see which resources are available, which are busy, and where they are spending time. Easily assign resources to tasks, and pull reports on usage and availability.


Eliminate manual steps and streamline project management processes with workflows.  Begin with a preconfigured workflow template that you can customize to fit your team’s needs.

PPM - Workflow

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PPM - Tracking


Quickly measure and report on the activities and tasks that have the biggest impacts on successful project completion.

Dashboards & Reporting

Pull in data and view key performance indicators (KPIs) for the status of a project’s progress or drill down into specific areas for more analysis.

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