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When it comes to project management, there is not a bigger mantra than transparency. Isn’t it ultimately the goal of PPM software to create visibility and transparency across the team? With a consolidated portfolio of projects tied to tickets, you can get a complete view.

With TeamDynamix Project Portfolio Management, you can pull in data and view KPIs for the status of a project’s progress or drill down into specific areas for more analysis. You can even provide dashboards to show progress—including to those outside of the project team.

Unique to TeamDynamix is that the platform offers both IT Service Management and Project Management together on one platform – this will allow IT leaders to gain far more insight into resource availability to improve project outcomes.

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Quick Access to Key Project Data to Keep Everyone Informed


Project visibility is a crucial factor in how successful an organization will be concerning improving project outcomes. Clarity needs to span across several vital pillars – at the start, project intake & prioritization. Having a clear view of what project requests are coming in and how these may balance across existing projects is essential.

As a key component to project intake, organizations must have a clear view of resources – not only within projects but also across tickets. This is a differentiating factor for TeamDynamix as you can gain an accurate perspective of your work assignments, resource capacity, and risk.

  • Resource capacity & optimization
  • Project intake, review and prioritization with capacity planning
  • Project risk, timelines and budget tracking
  • Easy to use resource time entry and tracking
  • Project status flash reports for all stakeholders

Fast Access to Key Information
Project managers can also report project status and health by updating a project. This update will show in reports and dashboards automatically as well as be added to a project feed. Additionally, Project portfolios can be created based on divisional goals. Projects can be added to portfolios, and total time can be tracked at the portfolio level.


Project Managers may easily administer their projects from a central dashboard called “My Managed Projects.” This toolset allows a manager to administer their project as well as easily and quickly view the latest project metrics and updates.

Project dashboards allow you to view milestones and their status in a single view. The Analysis application gives users a central hub for gaining visibility across all project work, portfolios, service-focused work, and resource capacity, and finances.

True PPM Reporting Gives You the Insight You Need

TeamDynamix supports the following project-related KPIs in addition to supporting custom field KPIs: AC, ATD, BAC, Baselines, Variance, Budget metrics, Score, CPI, CSPI, CV, CVI, EAC, Time metrics, ETC, EV, EWP, PEDV, Percentage complete, Plan percentage complete, PV, PVC, PWP, Risk Score, Goals score, SEAC, SETC, SPI, SV, SVAC, VAC, WEI.

TeamDynamix offers robust time tracking against projects.

Teams can track time on tasks or at the project level. In addition, TeamDynamix allows for different time types such as “Design” or “QA” for granular reporting.


TeamDynamix provides a powerful report builder that allows anyone to quickly build reports and dashboards without any coding or scripting skills. We can import data from other sources, and export data can to Microsoft® Excel, HTML, and Adobe® PDF.

Reporting can quickly identify the quantity and cost of time spent based upon any data captured on projects, including divisional goals.

Dashboards can be created and shared – both internally and externally. This allows you to keep stakeholders well informed. Project Managers can create a tailored desktop allowing them to keep close tabs on outcomes & risk.


Project managers can report project status and health by updating a project. This update will show in reports and dashboards automatically as well as be added to a project feed. Manage significant changes, teamwork, and projects with dashboards, card walls, project schedules, and a collaborative feed.

TeamDynamix has a very flexible notification and alerting capabilities. Our solution allows you to configure notifications and alerts as well as identify recipients easily. Support teams and executive approvers can receive notifications through their dashboards. Using our robust API library, you can craft further notification channels such as posting to a Slack or MS Teams channel.

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