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A large component of the project governance process is being able to communicate easily – from shared dashboards to project roadblocks and associated tickets – it is all brought together into one single view including documentation, budgets, and other artifacts.

Portfolio management tools identify potential roadblocks before they occur. Establish the framework to keep projects on track, aligned with organizational goals, and ensure completion on time and under budget. Project Portfolio Management provides a single platform view helps to drive these behaviors.

Seeing the roadmap of your new project can often feel overwhelming. With ticketing request and a synchronized project management platform you will never feel lost.  Strategic project management starts with a project intake — setting prioritization and mapping to overarching strategic pillars – with a portfolio approach, the PMO is at the center of this effort.

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Project Portfolios Drive Improved Visibility


The key to TeamDynamix is that there is a portfolio-driven approach; you can easily optimize resources against multiple projects and tickets. TeamDynamix has a variety of tools at your disposal. From project portfolio management tool, to project request intake, governance, and scoring, to resource and demand management; we can assist you in building an enterprise-level tool. The power truly comes from taking a one platform approach, bringing IT Service Management (ITSM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) together – for a single view of resources, requests, status and risk.

If your organization has a specific business objective it wants to accomplish, there may be numerous projects that contribute to that overall effort—each with its timeline, budget, and resources. PPM software that allows you to look across all projects within a portfolio is vital. By managing with a portfolio approach—rather than managing projects in isolation—stakeholders can see how everything is tracking and aligns with the business’s strategic needs.


While many of your projects might be centered within the IT department, you may also work on projects with other departments, like Facilities, Marketing, Human Resources, etc. There are a few things to consider (and that your PPM software should help with).

First is, of course, collaboration. When project work is spread across departments, communicating project-related information clearly and effectively is essential. And speaking of communication, you need to do so with a universal language. By communicating with easy-to-understand and jargon-free dialog, you will avoid confusion and foster stronger relationships between departments—and that’s a good thing.

  • Support for all project methods:
    Waterfall, Agile, Kanban, Card Wall and basic task lists.
  • Institute a formal project intake review process
  • Use workflow to ensure that steps are moved along as planned.
  • Conduct in-depth resource capacity planning analysis.
  • Engage in budget planning & time tracking for better outcomes.
  • What-if planning scenario mapping.
  • Manage project documents in a centralized storage repository.

Whether you have created a formal PMO or if you are running projects separately within each group, a portfolio approach will help you gain a better view of all projects related to one area or strategic pillar.


A recent survey revealed that organizations that operate at the high end of the project management maturity scale are 2.5 times more likely to deliver projects on schedule and budget. PPM software will help you forecast project budgets and track resources’ time against that budget to make on-the-fly adjustments as needed to keep the project on course and budget.

What separates TeamDynamix is that our tool provides the flexibility to grow into areas of greater maturity while not robbing the parts of the tool you are currently using. This allows smooth and seamless scalability with a software tool that acts as a strategic partner, not a tool that acts as an anchor as you scale and grow.

TeamDynamix provides both IT service management and PPM (Project/Portfolio Management) functionality. Clients often model their service pipeline via project requests and projects in the Project/Portfolio Management portion of the tool. Service requests or changes can be converted to project requests if needed.

When considering overall PPM maturity, an area often discussed is whether you can view resources across a portfolio of projects and service requests. There are three ways IT departments can use resources more effectively: use one platform for both tickets & projects, enable self-service and improve change management. TeamDynamix can help you achieve all three.

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