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Sometimes incidents and service requests need to become projects – and sometimes projects kick-off service requests. With IT Service Management (ITSM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) together, requests and projects are easily managed in one view.

With TeamDynamix, ITSM and PPM are on a single platform, making it easy to convert tickets into projects—and into real solutions—without missing a beat. This means that you get true visibility for better resource capacity planning.

We have developed a flexible Project Portfolio Management Platform that allows you to share as much or as little as you like.


Service & Project Management are simply better together.  Gain a single view of all work – incidents, probelems, change requests and project work.  With this, organizations can engage in resource capacity planning to help improve productivity and outcomes.

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Gain a Single View of 'My Work' and Resource Allocations


There are two proven software solutions that help organizations across a wide array of industries to streamline operations and manage resources – IT Service Management (ITSM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM). Individually, ITSM and PPM are established, relatively well-known solutions among IT pros. However, a reasonably new approach to resource optimization includes the combination of ITSM and PPM on a single platform.

Integrating the two solutions provides a clear view of the interdependencies between the functions of IT service delivery and IT project management. This enhanced insight, coupled with systematic processes and workflows make it possible to eliminate inefficiencies and optimize resources. Plus, with greater visibility and reliable tracking, IT teams can convey their value and communicate additional needs with clear proof points.

the case for one itsm & ppm platform

For IT teams buried in ad-hoc work, ever-shifting priorities, and chaotic project management, it might be time to ask yourself if you have the right platform to move your organization forward.

TeamDynamix provides both IT Service Management and PPM (Project/Portfolio Management) functionality.

By taking ITSM and PPM into a single platform, resource optimization became a reality. The next step in our growth was expanding service management across campus – to facilities, human resources, marketing, legal, media services, and more. Each group can benefit from one platform, one approach, one enterprise view of all projects & requests.

TeamDynamix integrates project task and tickets (incidents, problems, changes, release schedules), allowing project team members to pull tickets onto a project plan.  In addition, tickets can be escalated to a project or project request (permission based).


Highly configurable desktops provide technicians at a glance access to open requests, project work, SLAs, and more. Easily accessible information and click through charts make it easy for technicians to find and engage with the work they need.

In one glance, you can easily organize your work or the work of a team – view highly sensitive tickets, overdue tasks, SLA adherence, project status & risk; you can even get a news feed.

Clients often model their service pipeline via project requests and projects in the Project/Portfolio Management portion of the tool. Change and release tickets can be incorporated into existing projects. The tickets can also be converted to a project or project request.

IT Leaders can gain a clear view of resources across all work — incidents, problems, change requests, release schedules and projects. Resource capacity planning will then allow for improved productivity & outcomes.

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