Pulling Service Management Excellence out of the Chaos – Why Does It Seem So Daunting?

It’s an old story – strapped with resources, a never-ending stream of new users, and increasing demand for more, faster and better – can the IT professional get ahead?  Can the value that IT is bringing be effectively communicated?

The good news is that the answer is “yes” to both.

However, what many may not understand is that the answer does not rest in ‘more resources’ – at least not necessarily in the traditional sense of more bodies.  While there is no doubt that understaffed organizations exist, it is often not the true issue.

What happens is that without a systematic approach, a repeatable process and defined workflows, work often finds its way to whomever.  Priorities are not defined, and the madness begins.  This is why it is so important for organizations to take a step back and ask – what are we doing?

Taking the time to invest in right fit processes and workflow may seem daunting – but it is truly the only way out.  What is new, however, is that many ITSM solutions now offer much more than just a ticketing system – think about service management as a true platform and service.

Consider that you invest in a service management platform that comes pre-configured with service catalogs, a knowledge base, a service portal, and an integrated project management solution – what that means is that you have a starting point.  This makes the rest a reality.

Where are you in the service management maturity model?  If you feel buried in ad-hoc work, chaotic priority management and therefore cannot even articulate the value your team brings – you are probably ready to take a break and to look at alternatives. It could be the case of the shoemaker’s children – do you have the right platform and infrastructure to move your organization forward?

Are you in this situation?  What plans are you making to move forward?

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