Massimo Zanetti Adopts Flexible No-Code ITSM

flexible itsm platform for improved productivity

Back to Resources Resources Customer Stories Massimo Zanetti Fuels IT Productivity with Flexible ITSM Platform 200% Faster Resolution Built-in automation expedites ticket routing for faster resoultion. Increased Productivity Technicians can see everything in one place for improved productivity. Dashboards Improve Visibility Easily create custom views for improved insights and team collaboration. Industry: Food & Beverage […]

Self Regional Healthcare Migrates to New ITSM Tool

healthcare itsm tool

Back to Resources Resources Customer Stories Self Regional Migrates to New ITSM Tool to Manage Growth Automated Onboarding Reduce resource drain with enterprise automation and integration. 50% Reduction in Open Tickets Improved ticket triage, workflow and escalation expedites resolution. Projects and Tickets Together Visualize timelines and resources allocations on one platform. Industry: HealthcareEnd-users: 3,500Previous System: […]

City of Madison Combines ITSM and PPM

View All Resources Resources Customer Stories City of Madison Combines ITSM and PPM for a Single View No-code ITSM and PPM The no-code platform design makes it easy to configure and scale. One View of all Work With ITSM and PPM together, you can get one view of tickets and projects. Self-Service Realized The self-service […]

Frontwave Credit Union – Digital First IT Service

ITSM for Financial Services

View All Resources Resources Customer Stories Frontwave Credit Union Adopts a ‘Digital First’ Strategy for IT Service Optimizing Internal Process The aim is to ‘remove the friction’ by optimizing internal processes. Streamline Service Delivery Leveraging a no-code ITSM platform, the team can easily configure workflow. Projects and Tickets Together By bringing ITSM and PPM together, […]

Sunnyvale Brings Tickets and Projects Together

IT Service Management - service across the enterprise

View All Resources Resources Customer Stories Sunnyvale, CA Gains a Single View of Tickets, Projects and Assets Improved Visibility With tickets and projects together, you can see all work in one dashboard. White-glove Implementation Aided by a full-service implementation team, Sunnyvale was live quickly. Tickets and Assets Together A single platform to view all tickets, […]

ITSM Best Practices: Bringing Together Service and Project Management

As businesses continue to grow, they need to become more efficient in managing their IT services and projects. To achieve this, many organizations are exploring ways to integrate IT Service Management (ITSM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) on a single platform. In this blog, we’ll explore the impact of managing ITSM and PPM together on […]

University of Michigan Reduces ITSM Admin Costs

View All Resources Resources Customer Stories U of Michigan Reduces ITSM Admin Costs on No-Code Platform Reduced ITSM Admin Costs A no-code platform has significantly decreased ITSM admin costs and drain. Customization Made Easy The IT team can quickly create new forms, fields and workflows without coding. Optimized IT Service Continuous process improvement is easy […]

Three Keys to Ensuring Success in IT Project Management

If your company is looking to save money, start with project management. Did you know nearly 10 cents of every dollar spent on projects is wasted because of poor outcomes? IT departments are under enormous pressure to make sure this doesn’t happen, and with the right tools and strategies in place, you can avoid wasting time, […]

Harnessing the Power of One Platform for ITSM and PPM

Did you know using one platform for IT Service Management and Project Portfolio Management can help you better understand your resource capacity and balance workloads? This is just one of many benefits of using an IT Service Management tool that includes PPM. Resource capacity planning allows you to get a big-picture view of your entire […]

When To Manage Work as a Ticket vs. a Project

Sometimes, when handling incoming requests, it might not be clear whether the work should be tracked as a ticket or as a project – especially if you’re using an ITSM tool that doesn’t give you a holistic view of all tickets and projects happening within your organization. Here are some tips you can use to […]