How Your Organization Can Benefit from State-of-the-Art API Management

Modern organizations use hundreds of APIs to support their most important business functions, consume and provide services, and integrate between systems. While APIs provide important functionality and key business value, they also present their fair share of challenges including usability and security. When you use a modern integration and automation platform (iPaaS), you also gain full life-cycle API management capability that lies at the heart of the integrations and workflows that you can build. 

Ease of Use

With iPaaS, it is easy to empower your business users and citizen integrators with a simple interface to use API integration. It is very easy and fast to pop an iPaaS connector over an API and use any protocol (such as REST, SOAP, JSON, XML) to create a secure connection point. Your business users will be able to use these APIs to build powerful and complex workflows without needing any help from enterprise systems teams.  

Usage and Visibility

One of the key requirements of enterprise systems team in enabling the use of API-driven automations across the organization is the need to have a robust, single point of view of all APIs and their usage. iPaaS gives you the ability to see which APIs are being used, where they are being used, and by which teams and users, as well as monitor their usage to prevent overload. It is very easy to set up simple and effective dashboards and implement the kind of compliance that you need from a single environment across your enterprise. 

Security and Governance

Our iPaaS platform provides you with API management capabilities that are built with the best security practices and with the most robust governance capabilities. This enables enterprise teams to set the kind of usage and access policies that give them the required peace of mind while more and newer users across the organization start using API-led integration.  

Full Lifecycle Management

iPaaS gives you a full suite of lifecycle management abilities for your API integrations including discovery, deployment, access management, analyzing, securing, monitoring, troubleshooting, and sunsetting features. For example, you could choose to spin up a connector from Open API documentation within minutes and avail of the full suite of API management capabilities available in iPaaS. 

Build Complex Workflows

Unlike other API management tools, iPaaS gives you the ability to create complex connections and workflows from multiple backend systems, SaaS applications, cloud databases, and on-premise systems. All of this is possible from a simple visual UI that is built for business users as well as IT professionals. 

Low Cost of Ownership

Our API management platform is purpose-built for teams that need a low total cost of ownership and high scalability. iPaaS offers predictable pricing and provides the ability to manage unlimited APIs through the platform without seeing a corresponding increase in the cost of ownership.   

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