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TeamDynamix announces the launch of iPaaS with ITPA to help organizations harmonize and orchestrate data and automate workflows on one easy-to-use platform with out of the box (OOTB) connectors.

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Integration & Automation Made Easy

Find out why Gartner says iPaaS is laying the groundwork for a digital future, and we’ll show you a demo of the product’s integration and automation capabilities.

March 23, 2021 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)



OOTB connectors to systems that you use.

Connect to the systems you use every day or easily build new connectors! Stop worrying about poorly built or unknown integrations that pose a security risk; find, understand and use APIs with confidence; simplify, centralize and secure connections. Reduce integration building time by up to 90%.

Visualize flows
as you build them.

Easily create workflows – drag & drop to build what you need. Grab data elements, and trigger action – easily manage and test flows with a visual helper; watch a flow execute against real data; as you build it.

Intuitive. Visual.
Easy Orchestration.

Visualize your workflows as they run – watch as data is extracted, transformed and each action executes. A quick and easy, drag & drop interface presents a visual language that produces syntactically correct user-generated code.

Automate Your Workflows with iPaaS

Easy to use.

API Management.

Easily spin up a new connector to an existing API with secure access and API governance. Track API usage; rapidly create new APIs; make APIs available to all who need them; create composite APIs.

One Library of Connectors & Workflows

TeamDynamix will provide OOTB connectors to common systems – you can also make a request to the TDX Connector Concierge to add a connector to the library; share across the community.


Designed using the principles behind MIT’s Scratch and Google’s Blockly, TDX Flow Builder offers a visual programming model ideal for fast & easy execution. An inspired graphical programming language; visualize your workflows as they run – watch as data is extracted, transformed and each action executes.

Transform & Harmonize Data

Working with data from multiple platforms will inevitably create incompatibility – to help overcome this issue, TeamDynamix will transform and harmonize data across the connectors so it can be easily used across workflows.

Trigger Action & Automate Processes

Trigger actions from a connected ERP/SIS, access permission management, user management and automate service restarts. When a system alert tells you a system is down, automatically initiate the service restart.

Monitor and take action - 24/7/365.

Each request points to specific data elements needed. The system passes this data to the specific automation routine – no coding or scripting required, saving time and resources. Data transformation is facilitated with ease as automation routines call on each connector.

What is iPaaS?

iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is a cloud-based platform that connects different systems, technologies, applications on-premise or within the cloud. It enables companies to deploy and maintain integration flows without using middleware and specialized hardware between a company and third-party software or within an organization.

"In iPaaS we find the groundwork being laid for a digital future, as the products in this segment generally are lighter, more agile IT infrastructure suited for the rapidly evolving use cases around digital business"
Gartner Technology

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