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Easily Manage APIs Across the Enterprise. Spin up new connectors to existing APIs as your business requirements change with secure access and API governance. 

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Solving the API Problem

The average company uses more than 300 APIs to support critical business functions and pass data between systems. And while APIs can provide critical functionality, they’re also vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Now, many organizations are seeking ways to get better control over their API integration points in order to improve security and shore up user controls. With iPaaS from TeamDynamix, you gain API management, as well as the tools needed to create better, more secure connections to the systems you use daily. In addition, you can create workflows incorporating these APIs saving you time and resources.  

Api Management
Enterprise API Usage

Greater Visibility to Enterprise API Usage

With TDX iPaaS in place, anyone in your organization can have the power to know which APIs are being used and where. TDX iPaaS offers a centralized hub or integration layer along with a visual flow builder. You’ll quickly be able to see if an API is not working as intended, allowing you to make the adjustments needed to resolve any issues. In addition, iPaaS provides the ideal environment for implementing regulation compliance through a single environment. 

Quickly Create Connectors for New APIs

Most organizations have APIs … all over the place.  APIs are not necessarily going to go away in the world of iPaaS, but the security, controls and usage of APIs can get much better.  You can do this with TDX iPaaS; which allows you to create and maintain oversight over all of your APIs.  Essentially, you will end up popping a connector on top of any API – think of it as a cap.  Then using any protocol (JSON, SOAP, REST, XML) you create a secure connection point. Once established, this API connector will appear in the connector library alongside pre-built connectors – easy access to all systems. 

Quickly Create Connectors
The current model of point-to-point integration is simply not secure, fast, flexible or consistent. Point-to-point integration is an evil that builds up overtime due to ongoing business changes and a lack of integration strategy. With the emergence of iPaaS, organizations are migrating to a controlled and secure method of integration and workflow.

Rajesh Parab

Director of Research & Advisory


iPaaS Buyer’s Guide:

6 Tips for Finding the Right Enterprise Integration and Automation Platform. iPaaS is a powerful solution for organizations. It enables employees across functions and business units to quickly build and deploy integration workflows, and to integrate data across multiple platforms. 

Supercharge TeamDynamix IT Service / Enterprise Service Management

Already using TeamDynamix for IT Service Management (ITSM), Project Portfolio Management (PPM), or Enterprise Service Management (ESM)iPaaS from TeamDynamix (TDX) includes prebuilt connectors to the core TDX service and project platform offerings allowing you to trigger scripts from TDX workflowscreate multiple tickets in multiple applications; engage in advanced workflow and routing; monitor and manage alerts; adjust user settings; spawn work items, and respond to webhooks automatically using ticket or asset/CI data. 

Combine Enterprise Service Management with iPaaS to supercharge your organization; trigger complex workflows from service requests such as onboarding, name changes, requests for permits, parking, security clearance, and more.   

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No Coding. No Scripting. No Hassles!

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