BYU-Idaho Automates Onboarding and More


View All Resources Resources Customer Stories BYU-Idaho Automates Onboarding, Financial Aid Process with iPaaS Automate Onboarding Automate onboarding to take days out of the process with iPaaS. Automate Financial Aid Awards Automate financial award processing and notification to students. Reduced Admin Drain No-code integration and automation is reducing admin costs. Download Now Industry: Higher EducationTop […]

CO School of Mines Integrates Systems

View All Resources Resources Customer Stories CO School of Mines Integrates Campus Systems with iPaaS Integrate Campus Systems A library of connectors to integrate campus systems without coding. Reduce Manual Processing Automate the capture of ID device data and send to the ITSM platform. Endless Use Cases Easily build automation with integrations using a visual […]

Saint Louis University Reduces ITSM Admin Costs

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View All Resources Resources Customer Stories Saint Louis U Reduces ITSM Admin Costs on No-Code Platform Reduced ITSM Admin Costs Significant cost savings realized from reduced ITSM admin costs. Integration Made Easy With pre-built connectors to hundreds of systems, integration is fast and easy. Quickly Make Changes Admin changes can be made in days versus […]

Modernizing ITSM with Automation for the Public Sector

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Back to Resources Resources Ebooks Many IT teams are spending 2-3 months a year on manual, routine tasks – to help alleviate this challenge, IT leaders in the public sector are now looking toward automation. From onboarding employees to password resets and AD updates, automation is allowing the IT Service Desk to reallocate time to […]

Using Enterprise Integration and Automation in the Public Sector

Back to Resources Resources Ebooks Public sector IT leaders say they’re struggling with limited resources and low IT service desk maturity. Learn all about the challenges public sector CIOs are facing, and how integration and automation tools can help alleviate some of the pain points of digital transformation. Download PDF Expand Fullscreen You might also […]

IT Service Management for the Enterprise – What Makes it Work?

Back to Resources Resources Ebooks Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is an often sought after initiative but it can also be daunting. What key building blocks will help you get ESM off the ground? Learn how no-code platforms are changing how we think about system admin, custom forms, and enterprise automation – making all of this […]

iPaaS Buyer’s Guide: 6 Tips for Selecting an iPaaS Tool

Back to Resources Resources Ebooks Digital Transformation is upon us yet many IT leaders are struggling with how to get going. For this reason, many are adoption an iPaaS platform to help integrate hundreds of enterprise systems. Use this guide to understand the key consideration criteria when shopping for an iPaaS platform to enable enterprise […]

Info-Tech Report: iPaaS Vendor Market Comparison and Rankings

Back to Resources Resources Ebooks Are you shopping for an iPaaS solution? Use this guide to step through the key considerations and criteria needed to evaluate both your needs and the market as a whole. Compare vendors using real customer feedback and reviews. Step through top product features and functionality to see which are the […]

University of Michigan Reduces ITSM Admin Costs

View All Resources Resources Customer Stories U of Michigan Reduces ITSM Admin Costs on No-Code Platform Reduced ITSM Admin Costs A no-code platform has significantly decreased ITSM admin costs and drain. Customization Made Easy The IT team can quickly create new forms, fields and workflows without coding. Optimized IT Service Continuous process improvement is easy […]

What’s In Your Cloud? Enterprise Integration Playbook

View All Resources Resources Ebooks EBOOKS | Curious to learn how a tool like iPaaS (intregration platform as a service) can put hours back into your day? This playbook gives you 6 use cases with examples of workflows that can be used to illustrate the power of automation including onboarding, data consolidation, user/group management and […]