IT Maturity Study Reveals that Higher Ed Institutions are Looking to Implement a Single Student Experience

The results in the 2018 Pulse Study indicate a marked shift in the approach schools are beginning to take to address that issue head-on. While much of the focus of resource optimization tends to fall squarely on IT, the full extent of the issue extends across the campus and ultimately impacts the day-to-day experience of every student.

45% of study participants have an initiative to roll out one service platform across the entire campus, including IT, Facilities, Residential Life, Human Resources, and more.

Managing projects will no longer be done in isolation. 50% of participants are bringing project portfolio management and service management together on one platform.

This year’s results point to an increased focus and drive toward a “unified student experience.” This is manifesting itself in various ways, including initiatives aimed at improving student portals, sharing information more easily, and delivering more efficient responses to inquiries and requests across campus—from IT to Facilities to Residential Life.

From expanding service management across campus to integrating project & service management, find out how you rank!


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