Adoption Across Campus

So, how do know that what you’re doing is really making an impact on campus?

Well sure, there are all kinds of metrics that can track the speeds and feeds, but that’s not it. The best way to know is when other departments turn to your IT team’s expertise for help with their own projects and initiatives.

With a new tool in hand, it’s easy to get ahead of ourselves and try to boil the ocean. Instead, it’s often best to start small, improve along the way, and grow from there. And once you get it right, you’ll be in a great position build upon that foundation both within your own department and across your campus.

Kevin Schlag, CIO at BYU-Hawaii, leverages IT Service Management (ITSM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) from TeamDynamix to take their IT organization to the next level and share some of what they’ve learned with other departments within the university.

In this video, Kevin explains how he and his team at BYU-Hawaii use the TeamDynamix platform to:

  • Guide and optimize their approach to IT-related services
  • Engage with other departments on projects such as ticketing, asset management, and incident tracking
  • Break down communications barriers between IT and other departments

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