Project Portfolio Management

PPM software that is tailored to you -- card walls, KANBAN, agile, waterfall, and teamwork task lists – integrates with ITSM/ESM. Gain visibility to timelines, resources & project risks.

Screenshot of project intake capabilities of TeamDynamix Project Portfolio Management Software

Do you find that projects just show up? They arrived in email, on your desk, tossed in your lap mid-meeting? A formal project intake process and system can help you prioritize and review projects before assigning resources and timelines.

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Project tracking needs to be flexible to manage different types of projects with various complexities. Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software can help create project plans with tracking tools and dashboards.

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Screenshot of TeamDynamix project management features
Screenshot of project portfolio management collaboration features

Collaboration across teams can be daunting at times – especially when many resources are working remotely. Having a clear view with dashboards, easy time tracking and status updates keeps everyone on track and informed.

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Tackle any project with a Project Portfolio Management system that’s as simple – or as sophisticated as you need it to be, all without the need for expensive third-party reporting tools.

Resource optimization is critical – especially when projects keep coming. Being able to see a roll-up of people, projects, timelines, and risks then balance this against project requests, and even ticket volume is a game changer.

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TeamDynamix resource management dashboard & software capabilities
Screenshot of Portfolio Management dashboards to keep projects on track

Viewing an individual project does not allow you to properly balance priorities and resource time. That is why PMOs are leveraging Project Portfolio Management (PPM) for a consolidated view of all activity with resources, timelines and risks.

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Move up to a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) platform that reduces headaches and chaos while helping you deliver more value, through faster thinking

With TeamDynamix, ITSM and PPM are on a single platform, making it easy to convert tickets into projects—and into real solutions—without missing a beat. Technicians and managers can see all work in one dashboard.

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Screenshot of TeamDynamix service & project management features
TeamDynamix Dashboards & Reporting views for Project Portfolio Management Software

Effectively managing project resources, timelines, budgets, and risk helps organizations move forward in tech strategy plans. A PMO needs to have all of this information at their fingertips – and be able to share it across stakeholders.

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