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    Track and route incidents or manage as a problem – following ITIL framework.

    According to ITIL, a problem is the root cause of one or more incidents; each has a slightly different critical path. Each of these need your attention. When you run a service desk, you need to have fast routing, the ability to group tickets, and a great communication platform.

    We can help you:

    • Assign tickets dynamically and generate “My Work” views for technicians
    • Group tickets and convert incidents to problems or projects as needed
    • Communicate with users via mass emails with linked knowledge base (KB) articles

    TeamDynamix ITSM helps organizations climb up the IT maturity ladder by incorporating ITIL best practices – adopt as much or as little as you desire. Quickly access and view KB articles associated with the tickets; perform root-cause analysis for full life-cycle support.


    Understand where your assets are, link to tickets, and manage configurations.

    TDX CMDB can help you plan for changes and rapidly respond to outages with a clear understanding of CI configuration history, complex dependencies, blackout windows, maintenance schedules, and impact maps.

    We can help you:

    • Import assets and customize forms to match their unique attributes
    • Open tickets against specific assets
    • Stay on top of replacement costs, refresh cycles and contract renewals

    TDX makes gathering and maintaining asset and CI data easy through integrations with with SCCM, JAMF, Kaseya, or other discovery solutions. Having a flexible system will allow you to provide service more efficiently and effectively.


    WCAG 2.0 / 508 compliant portal for easy self-service requests & info.

    According to HDI, a support call costs $22 compared to self-service, which is just $2 per incident.  With this in mind, it’s clear that there needs to be a push toward self-service. A self-service catalog and easy to search knowledge base drive adoption.

    We can help you:

    • Fully branded and  accessible self service experience (WCAG 2.0 / 508 compliant)
    • Allow clients to quickly self resolve issues through AI enhanced search
    • Easily build and maintain content with no technical skills

    Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) relies on the notion that content is generated as problems arise. KB articles are living assets that can be leveraged by both the users and technicians. While KCS started in IT, it’s now being adopted across the enterprise.


    Automation reduces time spent on manual or error prone activities.

    Teams need to focus their efforts on the highest priorities. Automation reduces time spent on mundane, manual, or error prone activities.  With TDX ITSM, you can easily configure workflows without any coding.

    We can help you:

    • Ensure that requests are automatically routed correctly the first time
    • Reduce time spent on manual work that can be automated
    • Reduce the number of systems a technician needs to touch through integration

    Automation is one of the best ways to let your teams make the most of the time they have, and improve the quality of the service you provide.  It also reduces error and improves end-user satisfaction.


    Climb up the IT maturity ladder with better change & release management.

    It is said that 80% of all issues reported to IT are actually the result of poor change and release management.  Using a single ITSM platform to organize and manage the plans, execution, and communication will help enable new functionality and maintain the continuity of existing services.

    We can help you:

    • Effectively manage the change and release lifecycles
    • Identify and avoid issues what would impact service quality
    • Support both simple and complex processes

    Leverage standardized methods and procedures for efficient and prompt handling of changes and releases impacting services. With this approach, you can minimize the number and impact of related incidents, monitor performance, and effectively communicate with those impacted.


    Convert incidents / problems to projects easily with a single platform.

    Sometimes releases, changes, and solutions to problems require significant effort to address and they need to become a project, or projects generate tickets. With TeamDynamix, you get ITSM and PPM together on one platform. You can convert ticket-based work into projects, tasks or cards on a project.

    We can help you:

    • Convert tickets into projects, tasks, or cards
    • Optimize/ allocate resources against tickets & projects in one view
    • Use the right approach: Waterfall, Agile, KANBAN, Card Wall, task lists

    With a single platform approach, you can operate within the ITIL framework, while also adopting best practices in project management. The platform has the flexibility to accommodate the most sophisticated PMO, down to a basic departmental project.


    Make confident decisions with easy to configure analytics & workspaces.

    Great dashboards and reports provide the key metrics you need to make confident decisions by identifying issues before they become larger problems, supporting key meetings, profiling trends, and communicating the value IT provides to your entire organization.

    We can help you:

    • Create insightful reports and dashboards in minutes—NO coding or scripting required
    • Create a personalized desktop view that’s easy to filter and configure
    • Publish dashboards to non-ITSM users

    With transparency at the core, we have developed a flexible platform that allows you to share as much or as little as you like.  You can share dashboards with key stakeholders, publish dashboards externally, and you can integrate with third-party data tools.


    Control assets & manage access remotely with integrated endpoints.

    Enterprise Management Associates’ (EMA) research has determined that automation can reduce time spent updating patches and applications by 50% on average, and installing and maintaining virus and spyware systems by 83% on average.

    We can help you:

    • Discover all devices on the network and conduct remote troubleshooting
    • Continually monitor devices and confirm they are running to SOP
    • Apply patches and software updates quickly and easily

    It is critical to have a strong antivirus and anti-malware solution, to be able to monitor its effectiveness, and to be smart about backup to thwart ransomware attempts. TeamDynamix offers out-of-the-box integrations with Kaseya and other solutions.

When resources are limited, and demand is on the rise, IT can quickly become overwhelmed. By leveraging an ITSM solution that allows you to adopt ITIL best practices, you’ll spend less time putting out fires.



Get true ITIL lifecycle management with a self-services portal and knowledge base that's WCAG 2.0 / 508 compliant.

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