CIO Panel Discussion Series

Trends in Higher Ed IT

Watch as CIOs from five Higher Ed institutions speak openly on topics including campus technology management, building a talented IT team, key building blocks for a Project Management Office, communicating the value of IT, and more common challenges.

Chapter 1: Building a High-Performance Team

How to build high-performance teams, including specific traits to look for, metrics to use, and how technology helps optimize performance.

Chapter 2: Managing Talent & Change

There is much more to consider than what is on a person’s resume. There are key factors to managing talent within organizations.

Chapter 3: Communicating the Value of IT

When it comes to communicating the value of IT, there are specific methods to delivering the message up, down, and across organizations.

Chapter 4: Building a Stellar PMO

Building a stellar PMO includes staffing and organizational considerations, obtaining institutional buy-in, and leveraging technology to keep the momentum going.

Chapter 5: Building ITIL Into Your DNA

There is a big difference between simply adopting ITIL and truly embracing it, including the important roles that education, technology and institutional support play in the overall vision.

Chapter 6: Building Your Network

How to foster a culture of collaboration within teams, organizations, local communities—even with other colleges—and the far-reaching benefits for everyone involved.