K-12 IT leaders sharpen response times with improved help desk solutions.

As IT spend in K-12 districts continues to increase, the pressure felt by IT professionals is rising. In fact, according to our K-12 IT study, 45% say they don’t have enough personnel to support the technology they’ve already purchased—let alone to support new the technologies, services, and initiatives that are in high demand.

How do you keep up?

Reduce Call Volume & Improve Response Times:
Does this sound familiar? 20 tickets are outstanding, each in a different location – some are 20 to 30 minutes apart. You simply do not have enough resources to meet this demand and things are getting worse.

K-12 IT needs to work smarter, not harder in order to do more with less.
Click download to learn how you can improve bandwidth without adding resources. Learn what other schools are doing to reduce call and ticket volume while improving project management outcomes.

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