EdTech is Evolving Rapidly

Anyone who used floppy disks in the not too distant past can appreciate how far technology has come. Technology in Higher Education has progressed at a similar pace and continues to demand more of the IT departments tasked with supporting students, faculty, and staff. Richard Musal, Associate Director, IT – Client Services & Operations at Manhattan College, recalls the days of floppy disks and has taken note of how EdTech is evolving. It is now commonplace to find a projector in every classroom and readily available WiFi access throughout an entire campus.

The EdTech evolution has brought with it a surge in technology adoption and higher expectations from stakeholders, which once drove increased volumes of service requests and user complaints at the Manhattan College IT department. Now positive feedback among users is at a much higher level after adopting TeamDynamix IT Service Management (ITSM) just two years ago and implementing new policies and procedures.

The EdTech landscape is ever-changing and presents challenges unique to Higher Ed. This is why TeamDynamix ITSM is built specifically for Higher Ed institutions of all sizes with the ability to expand across campus to Facilities, HR, Admissions, and more.

“TeamDynamix has enabled us to revolutionize the way we do business. We went from two years ago, having a lot of user complaints. We take those complaints and figure out ways TeamDynamix can help fill gaps. We’ve paired them up with policies and procedures to make things run really smoothly, to a point now where we get almost, I would say, 99% positive feedback.”

– Richard Musal, Associate Director, IT – Client Services & Operations, Manhattan College


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