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Marketing teams take requests from multiple departments throughout an organization every day. Those requests can range from mass emails, to events, to communications, and more. The sheer volume of activity can be daunting, and many schools find they can quiet the noise by instituting a service management solution that can manage the volume and variety of requests they receive. Let’s take a brief look at some of the areas in which marketing teams could benefit from instituting a proper work management platform.

Project Portfolio Management/Event Planning
Perhaps one of the more daunting tasks for marketing is juggling the many different projects—whether it’s the creation of a new catalog, updates to the website, or running an alumni event. Each activity comes with multiple dependencies and milestones. By creating a project portfolio, the marketing team can gain increased control over timelines, resources and budgets. Create, manage, and view data from a database of proposed, planned, and ongoing projects, and leverage it to:

  • Prioritize projects and optimize the project portfolio
  • Plan projects and manage the execution of approved projects
  • Manage the supply and demand for project resources
  • Manage the lifecycle of request ideas through project completion
  • Integrate with work orders/service management platform

Managing CRM Updates/Data Pulls
Marketing is often involved in updating the CRM or pulling out data that can be used for recruitment, on-campus promotion, faculty communications, and fundraising. Requests often come via email and can be lost or misunderstood. Often, there isn’t even enough information in the email to execute the request the first time. A proper form and workflow routing process can be used to ensure that all the right information is requested upfront and that the appropriate approvals are considered.

Workflow & Routing of Marketing Activities
Whether it’s landing page creation, expanding web copy, or the need to draft a communication to alumni, the marketing team manages a lot of requests. Offering a service catalog with detailed information and workflow will help expedite the handling.

Serving Up Marketing Assets
How many times do you feel like a human file server? Requests for specific brochures, testimonials, videos come via email all day long—imagine that you have a central repository for all materials right in the same portal used to submit requests to marketing or creative services.

Self-Service Portal
With requests coming in from all directions (and constantly), trying to organize and prioritize them can be overwhelming. Imagine having one centralized portal for all incoming requests that a marketing team may get involved in or is ultimately responsible for, such as:

  • Updates to the CRM
  • Email programs
  • Web revisions
  • Event planning
  • Press activity
  • Campus communications
  • Creative service requests
  • And more!

Learn more about a single platform approach to managing marketing processes and projects.

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