Market Study: IT Maturity in K-12 Districts

In order to understand the emerging challenges facing IT in K-12 schools, TeamDynamix conducted a pulse study, in conjunction with Kaseya, to evaluate IT maturity for these organizations. The study included participation from more than 100 participants in school districts ranging in size from under 5,000 students to well over 50,000. The purpose of the study is to understand the specific opportunities, requirements, and obstacles facing the unique segment of IT in K-12 education.

Key Findings

As EdTech spend reaches unprecedented levels, K-12 districts are gearing up for accelerated adoption of classroom technology initiatives. This is driving many districts to find ways to improve IT maturity and streamline internal processes to manage the influx of demand.

59% self-rank to levels 1 or 2 for their self-service portal and/or knowledge base.

The study looks at survey responses against an IT maturity model based on a five-level system ranging from Level 1 (ad hoc/manual processes) to Level 5 (calibrated & optimized).

45% cited a lack of resources as their top challenge.

With thousands of new users to support each school year, managing resources in this environment while ensuring clear and effective communications among stakeholders (i.e., students, parents, teachers, staff, etc.) is a unique challenge.


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