What is Enterprise Service Management

If you are a TeamDynamix client or simply searching online for software to manage IT services and service delivery, you have certainly seen the term “IT service management,” often referred to by the acronym “ITSM.” In short, ITSM is the collection of actions and policies designed to plan, execute, and manage all the IT services […]

Aging of Campus Infrastructure and Buildings

According to the consultancy firm, Sightlines, most campus buildings were constructed prior to 1975. Buildings from that era have long since passed the typical timeframe for renewal of space and systems such as HVAC, electrical and plumbing. The firm also contends that the renovation of older buildings is often postponed in favor of new construction, creating […]

TDX Buzz - Card Wall and Agile for HR Marketing Residential Life

For agile teams, this is nothing new, a project methodology aimed at rapid development with iterative feedback and communication.  Agile teams use this approach to improve their response to changing needs and demands.  These quick iterations then offer a more usable and practical output in the end.  This is not news. However, what if you […]

Harnessing the power of your knowledge base

There is much talk amongst the TeamDynamix customer base on the topic of Knowledge Centered Support (KCS).  In fact, many who have implemented KCS are now seeing significant improvements in incident resolution and student satisfaction.  Essentially, the knowledge base is your user base, and the challenge is how to document and enhance this knowledge for […]