One Platform: Centralizing IT Services

Many institutions struggle with the consequences of using multiple IT platforms for managing operations across departments, such as IT Support, HR, Marketing, Facilities. The results—dissatisfied users, miscommunication, redundancy and poor resource allocation among them—can negatively impact the institution in a variety of ways.

As a result, more institutions are taking a holistic, centralized approach to IT services by implementing a single service management platform, making it easier for users to request services and check the status of a service request, while IT staff members are better able to manage and resolve requests while improving communication across departments.

View the webinar panel discussion featuring:

  • Kevin Cook, Application Systems Engineer, BYU-Idaho
  • Lena McLain, Applications Developer, Texas Woman’s University
  • George Cookman, Senior Project Manager, University of New Hampshire System
  • Amy Hodgdon, Project Manager, University of New Hampshire System

Watch the panel discussion with leaders from BYU-Idaho, Texas Woman’s University and the University of New Hampshire System as they consider the advantages of taking a centralized approach to IT.

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