What is iPaaS?

Digital transformation is underway and organizations across the globe are understanding the need for services, systems, and platforms that can adapt to them. Software as a Service (SaaS) gives organizations the agility they need to easily access advanced technologies at minimum costs, helping IT leaders improve their workflow and outperform their competition.

However, most organizations across all sectors, especially in the IT industry, use siloed systems for pulling data from on-site systems and the cloud. As the number of cloud services increases, and show no sign of stopping, managing these solutions becomes expensive.

Additionally, when an organization or business has separate systems operating on different platforms, it suffers from disjointed information, misalignment, and data loss. So, companies need cloud integration to make the implementation of these technologies easier.

From a pure cost standpoint, it makes sense to invest in a single cloud-based integration solution. This is where the Integration Platform as a Solution (iPaaS) comes in.

What Is iPaaS?

iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is a cloud-based platform that connects different systems, technologies, applications on-premise or within the cloud. It enables companies to deploy and maintain integration flows without using middleware and specialized hardware between a company and third-party software or within an organization.

Companies that use several systems for different functionalities (i.e., marketing and sales) develop silos of information. These disconnected sources of information are an obstacle for data integration, making it for businesses to share data within the organization.

iPaaS facilitates a frictionless transfer of data between different applications, allowing businesses to streamline their workflow and improve their output. At the same time, it helps businesses to expand their offering without having to create more services. Using the integration platform, they can integrate those services with existing software and provide their users with a unified, more robust solution.

Why Do Organizations Need iPaaS?

Without an integration platform, handling complex problems can be extremely difficult. Even if you manage to meet the costs of such a solution, making these systems work seamlessly will be extremely challenging.

An iPaaS solution resolves this problem by providing you with a unified and secure platform that pulls data from different sources easily. The platform provides integration capabilities to users who are not developers themselves, helping them manage and address new use cases like partner data exchange, application integration, cloud data warehousing, and various application in an agile manner.

As a result, software services and businesses can manage multi-cloud hybrid environments and cloud integration efficiently. They no longer must worry about the challenges of scaling services & data output, data storage, and analysis of data, regardless of its location.

Without an integration platform, handling complex problems can be extremely difficult.

How Does iPaaS Work?

iPaaS helps software businesses empower the infrastructure for deploying software applications within the cloud and creating connections. These businesses set parameters for allowing specific types of connections allowed on their platform.

IT departments might use parameters in the form of prebuilt connectors, APIs, or other rules. Once these rules are configured, the iPaaS system creates a central system for viewing, managing, and modifying data, infrastructure, and operations. This flexibility enables businesses to modify their product based on their needs easily.

The 5 Benefits of iPaaS

1. Cost-Effective

Piecing different solutions together is not only complex but also costs businesses a fortune. Reportedly, poor integration costs large-scale businesses half a million dollars! On the other hand, iPaaS connects software and converges data into one convenient cloud-based location, cutting the cost of deploying solutions in different environments.

2. Improved Communication

Businesses need to share data within their entire ecosystem to avoid any important information from being lost. iPaaS ensures that everyone has easy access to data, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

3. Less Human Error

iPaaS allows users to store all data in a single location and set parameters for organizing and accessing it. This helps companies connect data easily even when it is working with different systems. Ultimately, it makes the application of data analysis easier and the interpretation & analysis more accurate.

4. Improved Security and Compliance

Security is easily one of the greatest concerns for a cloud-enabled solution. With the average cost of cyberattacks rising to $4.6 million per incident, a business has to be vigilant about its security more than everAdvanced security and compliance features can be found in the TDX iPaaS solution:

  • Authentication through OpenID Connect, Active Directory, and OAuth
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).
  • GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA compliance
  • Advanced API logging capabilities

5. Greater Efficiency

By minimizing the delays, costs, and labor associated with connecting new apps, enterprise solutions can quickly respond to changing market needs.

Final Words

In today’s digital transformation cloud-based solutions are the norm for business, iPaaS becomes the best option for eliminating pain points between remotely connected systems. It helps streamline all applications and data between third parties and an organization.

iPaaS is a single solution that joins all systems we use to grow our businesses, helping organizations scale and take their systems to the next level.

TeamDynamix provides its users with a robust iPaaS with ITPA solution tailored to your needs. Our solution can help your business navigate through a sea of systems, applications, & devices and exchange data, and build workflows more efficiently. Explore TeamDynamix iPaaS with ITPA and start connecting the dots.

Want to learn more about iPaaS? Check out our eBook: What is iPaaS and How Does It Accelerate Digital Transformation

iPaaS Buyer’s Guide:

 6 Tips for Finding the Right Enterprise Integration and Automation Platform. iPaaS is a powerful solution for organizations. It enables employees across functions and business units to quickly build and deploy integration workflows, and to integrate data across multiple platforms. 

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