5 Keys to Improving K-12 IT Maturity: Cybersecurity & Endpoint Control

In Part Three of our series on improving IT maturity in K-12 districts, we’re going to focus on the growing need for cybersecurity and endpoint control.

The growth of the ransomware/malware trend shows no sign of abating. The consequences of a successful attack are truly devastating and K-12 schools are under particular duress, since not-for-profit institutions contain a wealth of valuable data including payroll information, student records, health data—even student work.

Add to that an increasing number of difficult-to-manage/patch devices and large numbers of individuals to onboard and offboard regularly, and you end up with an environment that’s a prime target for a hacker.

In our 2018 K-12 Pulse Study, 27% of participants rank their ability to provide comprehensive cybersecurity and endpoint control as low and 29% indicated these areas represented their top challenge in 2018. With the number of reported cyber incidents on the rise, having unified visibility and control for on- and off-network devices and users is critical for supporting your entire environment.

Ransomware poses a serious threat to K-12 schools, but its most harmful effects can be avoided by implementing three basic steps to protecting your operations.

1. Patch your computers
2. Maintain an antivirus and anti-malware solution
3. Be smart about backup

With solutions like Kaseya, these basic steps can be accomplished with ease. Kaseya provides unified visibility for on-network and off-network devices and users. Its unique agent architecture enables full management capabilities of all features without requiring devices to be on the network, which enables support for your entire environment without limitations.

Administration of Kaseya is simple. Endpoints, including Macs, can be patched automatically and completely. With Kaseya, other functions, including software management, backup, antivirus, anti-malware, and policy management can also be accomplished.

While our recent survey indicated cybersecurity and endpoint control as a top challenge for many K-12 districts, taking a few basic steps can go a long way to protecting your systems and private (and valuable) user data.

Check back soon for additional blogs that highlight the other areas K-12 districts should focus on to improve their IT maturity.

The TDX 2018 K-12 Pulse Study is now available and you can get your copy here!

Source: https://thejournal.com/articles/2017/06/08/k12cyber-incidents-have-been-increasing-in-2017.aspx

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