$342 billion will be spent in EdTech by 2025

All of this new technology needs support – are you ready?

Initiatives such as STEM, makerspaces, VR, and more are driving investment in better IT service and project management platforms. Is your K-12 district ready to support the emerging technology requirements of students, parents, teachers, and staff?

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Move up to a platform that reduces headaches and chaos while helping you deliver more value, faster.

Improve your Help Desk Services

How can IT Leaders across K-12 alleviate the strain on their teams & support systems?

It’s no secret that most K-12 technology departments
are stretched thin these days – and it is equally evident
that this is not going to change anytime soon.

This playbook details 3 areas of focus for IT leaders looking to level up their IT Service Management processes.

Denver Public Schools Steps Up ITSM Maturity

Denver Public Schools move up the IT maturity ladder.

Denver Public Schools (DPS) has nearly 14,000 employees, just about as many as IKEA does in the US, or Facebook does in total. DPS is among the 50 largest school districts in the country (and growing), with almost 200 schools and offices, and an annual budget of more than $900 million. Like most large school districts, BIS spends a considerable amount of time investing in internal systems and technologies.

Not having a proper IT service management platform and business processes made it difficult to prioritize project requests and allocate resources. With an integrated platform, when someone says they can fix something on Thursday, it means Thursday! 

Denver Public Schools Step Up IT Maturity Story
TeamDynamix White Paper (Front Page): Work Smarter, Not Harder by Improving IT Maturity

K-12 Leaders Stay Sharp With Improved Help Desk Support

Improving IT Maturity in K-12 Districts, featuring  Matanuska-Susitna District.

IT support in a K-12 district is like none other: nowhere else will you find the vast array of user types and the sheer volume. Taking the time to plan ahead and investing limited resources into tools that allow IT staff to be more productive can help turn the tide. Putting out fires all day diverts time and attention away from the really important matters, such as helping teachers and students use technology to enrich learning.

TeamDynamix Client Self-Service Portal Examples

Stellar Portals Really Work!

Driving Adoption with Student Portals: what makes them Great

If you are working in IT in a K-12 District, then you are undoubtedly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of requests.  Getting a hold of this problem requires several key steps – one is to implement a centralized portal. The folks at the Matanuska-Sustina School District have made this happen – you can learn from them and from the many others that have created stellar portals. One of the most compelling reasons to go to a portal is that it has valuable information – you can easily find it.

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