What Do Students Really Want from IT?

The days of chalkboards, notepads, and paperback books are dwindling as technology is taking over the education sector. Now, most students read their textbooks online, take their quizzes from a laptop, and learn on a screen. With technology taking a central role in education, what do students really want from IT in this new age of learning?

This new era of education is extremely valuable but can lead to added stress for students. What if the Wi-Fi goes out while students are taking an online quiz? What if they are unable to learn material in class that day, because the technology that the professor prepared has failed? These interruptions in IT services can prevent students from learning effectively.

Students want to be able to focus on why they are at school—to learn. Technology should help them reach their goals, not get in the way of them. Students want an easy way to learn how to use the technology at their school and a simple way to submit requests to their IT department if and when the need arises.

Students want a quick and helpful response to their technology needs. IT departments can quickly become overwhelmed with requests, causing their responsiveness to students to suffer. Imagine having a hub where students can access service catalogs, easily find answers to common questions, and submit online request forms for all types of services. Now, imagine having all requests coming to one place, allowing the IT department to more efficiently and successfully aid the students.

Students want connectivity, immediate answers, and all systems go. A centralized, online service management platform with an integrated portal can help schools provide a seamless technology experience for their students by streamlining IT service delivery and support processes.

Being the IT department that students really want is just a click away.

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