What IT Service Management Software Ranks Top of Quadrant? 

When utilized correctly, IT Service Management (ITSM) can provide a multitude of benefits for your company. That’s why when shopping for ITSM software, it’s so important to make sure you choose a provider that checks all the most important boxes. 

SoftwareReviews, a peer-review platform from Info-Tech, has published its 2023 report ranking IT Service Management software companies within the enterprise and mid-market ITSM categories.

In the report, they share key drivers that organizations look for in an ITSM platform, as well as the scores and rankings that each company received for a variety of factors. Included in this report is the 2023 ITSM quadrant.

Top of Quadrant ITSM Vendors - What Organizations Want

According to the report, organizations that invest in software, whether it be for ITSM or something else, simply want that software to provide business value. They want it to solve the problem it was purchased to solve because this leads to a clear ROI, more satisfied users and higher productivity. Along with value comes cost and having a low total cost of ownership is essential with SaaS. People are only willing to pay so much, so when they do decide to spend their money on a product, it needs to hold a certain amount of value. 

One factor that directly correlates to the business value provided is the ease of use. Especially with remote work becoming more widespread, usability and intuitiveness are even more critical when it comes to ITSM software.

Without being in the office, those using software and technology don’t have the same level of technical support that they used to have. If you don’t provide an ITSM software solution that is easy to use, own and operate you will fall behind.  

Another factor that can increase or decrease a product’s value is innovation and improvements.

Data from over 50,000 users show that satisfaction is often at its highest in the first year of implementation and declines afterward. The best ITSM platforms will continually improve and focus on innovation so that customer satisfaction doesn’t decline year after year. 

Customers also want a platform that will have a high emotional footprint.  

In the ITSM market, the top five emotional footprint factors that drive satisfaction are enabling productivity, enhancing performance, saving time, being caring and being inspiring.

Capturing the emotional responses a customer has to their vendor is important to measure because in many cases the emotional values are more strongly correlated to overall satisfaction than features or capability metrics alone. 

Looking at specific IT Service Management features and capabilities, the following were deemed to be the six key differentiators when making comparisons between different vendors: 

  • Codeless Integration and Automation – Codeless configuration, workflow building and automation with integration to other enterprise systems. 
  • Knowledge Management – Integrated with ticketing; share information with techs and end-users. 
  • Multi-site Functionality – Central management of dispersed techs, multiple time zones, hours, and shifts. 
  • Service Catalog – Request products and services through a catalog that integrates with ticketing. 
  • ITSM/Enterprise Service Management + Project Portfolio Management on One Platform – One view of all work from ticketing to change and projects, enterprise-wide. 
  • End-User Self-Service – Intuitive and configurable portal with WCAG 2.0 AA compliance. 

How TeamDynamix Measures Up in Numbers

First, let’s look at how TeamDynamix was ranked overall. In both the Mid-Market and Enterprise ITSM categories, TeamDynamix ranked 1st out of 8 with a composite score of 8.4/10. Here’s why we ranked first in both categories: 

  • 91% of users say they love working with TeamDyanmix. 
  • 87% likeliness to recommend. 
  • 80% satisfaction that cost is fair relative to the value. 
  • Out of a possible score of 100, scored 83 for the ability to provide business value (the market average is 78). 
  • Out of a possible score of 100, scored 96 for inspiring customers to improve (the market average is 82). 
  • Over 96% of respondents trust TeamDynamix to address and contribute to how they can further improve and innovate using their solution. 
  • Ranks higher than the market average in all 5 top vendor capability factors as well as all 5 top-performing product features in the ITSM market. 
  • Vendor capability factors: Business value, product strategy, ease of IT administration, vendor support, ease of implementation. 
  • Performing product features: Integrated knowledge management, end-user self-service, multi-site functionality, service catalog and end-user support solutions. 
  • Scores exceptionally across all 5 emotional footprint metrics. 

Why TeamDynamix Ranks #1

According to the report, there isn’t one single factor that bumps TeamDynamix to the top – it’s a combination of an excellent product, genuine care and top-tier service that leaves customers feeling satisfied. Here’s what some TeamDynamix ITSM customers have to say in their reviews included in the report: 

  • “The TDX implementation is the smoothest we’ve had for any software or product in my 20-year history at this institution.” 
  • “The interface for the clients helps them navigate through solutions and ticket creation in a way that makes them feel like they have been heard.” 
  • “Everyone at TeamDynamix is friendly and personable to work with and they truly care about their product and their customers.” 
  • “Full suite of ITSM/ESM applications, excellent implementation methodology, implementation led by TeamDynamix-no need to engage or pay a third-party system integrator, excellent customer service, significantly less cost for implementation and licensing as compared to competitors.” 
  • “With TeamDynamix, we can operate a full-featured ITSM solution without dedicating staff to the operation/ongoing configuration of the tool itself. We were happy with the cost and impressed with how well the company listens to its customers as the tool advances.” 

When these satisfied customers were asked why they find so much success with TeamDynamix products and why they recommend the ITSM software to other organizations, they say it’s because of: 

  • Vendor support and high emotional satisfaction 
  • Integration of ITSM and PPM 
  • Quality of features 
  • Usability (low code) 
  • Creates business value 

Want to read more about why customers love TeamDynamix and how we measure up to our competitors? Check out the entire SoftwareReviews 2023 Quadrant Report.

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