Harnessing the Power of Your Knowledge Base

There is much talk amongst the TeamDynamix customer base on the topic of Knowledge Centered Support (KCS®). In fact, many who have implemented KCS are now seeing significant improvements in incident resolution and student satisfaction. Essentially, the knowledge base is your user base, and the challenge is how to document and enhance this knowledge for crowd consumption.

Ultimately knowledge is at the heart of any service management deployment. Whether it is in IT, Facilities, or HR, the ability to harness and use collective knowledge is a key success measure. We all know this; so why is it so often left as an afterthought?

The reality is that there are bottlenecks, review cycles, other fires to put out and in the end, the knowledge base is often left to atrophy. Enter KCS – a crowd-sourced information resource. By harnessing the information, offering a clear structure and framework for gaining feedback, organizations can publish more information, more accurately.

How to Measure the Success of Your KCS Initiative:

Case Resolution

  • Looking at both time to resolution and first contact resolution (FCR)

Optimizing Your Use of Resources

  • Ramp-up time for new resources and student technicians
  • Employee retention
  • Employee satisfaction

Self-Service Adoption

  • Portal usage and traffic (overall TeamDynamix saw a 3x increase in portal usage in 2016)
  • Call volume

Organizational Learning / Knowledge Transfer

  • Ticket quantity and volume
  • Call volume
  • Client Portal usage


KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.

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