Human Resources: As Much About Resources as Humans

If you feel like human resource management has become more of an exercise in managing resources than humans, you’re might be right—and not alone. The types of requests you may get within HR can be vast—from recruiting for open positions to onboarding a new employee to working on a change in benefits…the list goes on and on. Navigating these processes and changes can be stressful and time-consuming for all involved, so having a way streamline processes helps to minimize the stress for those making the requests—and those managing them–allowing HR to become a true partner.

Here are four key areas to address to make life inside and outside of HR a bit easier.

Service Requests & Workflow

Get out of email & use an online portal to submit requests. Students, faculty, and staff will be able to select a specific service and the platform will automatically route the request in the right direction—things like requests to onboard/offboard a new employee, or for FMLA, or for employment verification can be entered and managed through the portal.

Knowledge Base/Documents

HR comes with a slew of forms, documents, and procedures all of which must be documented and stored in a centralized location with varying degrees of access. Faculty and staff can go to one location to download files or access information. In addition, compliance guidelines and other standard information can be shared in a centralized knowledge base with sophisticated search capabilities as well as an iterative feedback loop.


When it comes to compliance and reporting, it is critical that employees have the appropriate avenues to submit a case and have it reviewed appropriately. By offering detailed information on the portal and giving employees an access point for reporting, HR can benefit from having a clearly documented process in place.

Project Management

There is never an end to the projects that arise in Higher Ed. They arrive in all shapes, sizes, and maturity levels. With TeamDynamix, project leads can ensure novices aren’t overwhelmed and experts aren’t underwhelmed. TeamDynamix project management tools are powerful enough for complex needs, yet intuitive enough for individual team collaboration. Imagine a single platform for campus-wide project portfolio management that can help you:

  • Prioritize projects and optimize the project portfolio
  • Plan projects and manage the execution of approved projects
  • Manage the supply and demand for project resources
  • Manage the lifecycle of request ideas through project completion
  • Integrate with the service portal & workflow

Learn more about a single platform approach to managing HR projects and processes. 

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